Shazam now lets you explore upcoming live music shows, tickets on sale and more

The Apple-owned Shazam app has gained the ability to browse live shows and concert information on Shazam, find tickets on sale and more.

Featured image showing Shazam song history on iPhone, set against blue background
  • Apple-owned Shazam is rolling out new features letting you browse information about live music shows that are happening around you. All you need to do to glean this information is Shazam a song.
  • Additional details are available via Shazam Artist pages and by touching an upcoming live show. Apple’s source for all this data is Bandsintown.

Finding concert information on Shazam

BroadwayWorld says that the Shazam service is introducing concert discovery features globally in its apps for Apple and other platforms. The new features will let you discover upcoming live music shows, find tickets on sale for live shows nearby, view tour information, access additional show details and much more—all by simply Shazaming a song. All data comes via the event recommendation and artist discovery platform Bandsintown. Read: How to see your full Shazam song history

“With the reemergence of live music, we’re excited to give Shazam users access to concerts and bring even more discoverability to artists,” said Oliver Schusser, Apple’s vice president of Apple Music and Beats.

The same information will be surfaced when you search for a song in Shazam’s mobile app or the web interface at On top of that, opening an artist’s page on Shazam will reveal more granular information:

The app will show you the following in-depth concert and tour information:

  • Basic concert information
  • Tickets on sale for upcoming shows nearby
  • Dates, times and locations of upcoming live shows
  • Additional tour information

To get those details, open an artist page on Shazam, then touch on any concert. You can even add events to your calendar about upcoming shows you don’t want to miss. Across apps and platforms, Shazam enjoys over 225 million monthly active users, with more than 1 billion song recognitions per month and over 50 billion total since its inception. Read: How to Shazam music currently playing on your iPhone