How and where to find Family Sharing purchases

Family Sharing Purchases in iTunes on iPhone

Along with its many other benefits, Family Sharing lets you share purchases with your family members. This means that only one person in your family group needs to pay for the app that you all want to use.

But what if someone in your Family Sharing group purchases an app that you don’t even know about? It might turn out to be an item that you want to use too. Here’s how to see purchases made by others in your Family Sharing group on all your Apple devices.

How to share Apple Music playlists on Mac

Share a Playlist in Mac Messages

Sharing a Music playlist full of tunes is a great way to share your love of music or favorite songs with friends and family. You can easily share an Apple Music playlist from iPhone and iPad or a Spotify playlist from iOS and Mac. So here we’ll show you how to share a playlist from the Music app on your Mac.

How to assign Reminders in shared lists on iPhone and iPad

Edit Reminder Assignment iPad

The Reminders app has given users the ability to share lists for some time now. And while sharing a list that you can work on with a coworker or family member is handy, something’s been missing. As of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, you can assign reminders to other people.

This is an excellent enhancement to the Reminders app for those who work with others to complete tasks, to-dos, and projects of all sizes. So, open Reminders to your honey-do or business-related list; this tutorial shows you how to assign reminders with shared lists.

How to track changes in Apple Pages on Mac

Pages Mac Comments and Changes Pane Connect

If you and your coworker are collaborating on a document in Pages, using the feature to track changes can be helpful. This will display the text from each person adding or changing the document in a different color. So, you can easily see who does what.

In addition, you can see comments, replies, and changes in a handy sidebar and accept or reject individual or all changes to the document. If you’re using this feature for the first time, we want to help. Here’s how to track changes in Pages on your Mac.

How offline editing works in Pages, Numbers and Keynote

Rearrange Pages in Pages on mac

With an update to Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, users can edit shared documents offline. So if you find yourself without internet, but need to keep working on a report, spreadsheet, or presentation, you can.

The offline editing feature came with versions 10.0 of the apps on iOS and macOS. Just make sure you’ve updated to the latest versions.

Here’s how to work with offline editing in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote so you can keep plugging away on your shared documents even when you’re not online.

How to collaborate by sharing notes in the Notes app

Collaborate in Notes

Teamwork is an important aspect of most businesses. So when it comes time to collaborate on a project, whether big or small, you’re going to want input from your team members, coworkers, or staff.

When you’re all in the office together, collaboration is usually pretty simple. But if you suddenly find yourself in a remote situation, things can get sticky.

Luckily, the Notes app makes collaboration easy. You can share notes with editing privileges so your collaborators can add their suggestions and make adjustments. To help you get back to working together, no matter where you are, here’s how to collaborate with the Notes app.

How to clean up your Share Menu on Mac

Mac Share Menu Shortcut Menu

You have sharing options all over the place on your Mac. You’ll see Share in the menu bar, shortcut menu, and toolbar for some apps. You might notice, however; that with the more apps and services you add to your Mac, the more that sharing list grows.

To keep your Share Menu nice and neat, plus contain only the sharing extensions you actually use, this tutorial shows you how to customize it.

How to share directions from Maps on Mac to iPhone, AirDrop, Messages and more

Apple Maps on Mac Share Options

If you’re using the handy Apple Maps apps on your Mac to get directions, it’s likely you won’t have your computer open in the seat next to you when you’re driving (at least we hope not!). So when you plan a route in the Maps app on your Mac, you have many options for sharing those directions.

You can send them directly to your iPhone or iPad, your friends in a text message, or your family via AirDrop. The sharing feature in the Maps app gives you plenty of ways to send directions from Apple Maps on Mac.

How to share notes and folders as view-only in Notes

Share Notes Folders View Only Mac

With iOS 13, iPadOS, and macOS Catalina, the Notes app received a nice update bringing several useful, new features. You have gallery view for an organized appearance, a more powerful search when attaching images, and better ways to use checklists.

In addition to all of this, the Notes app got a boost in its sharing capabilities. You can now share entire folders for collaboration and restrict items you share to a view-only option if you like. This is convenient for showing others your notes but not allowing any changes.

To walk you through this enhancement, here’s how to share notes and folders as view-only in the Notes app on iOS and Mac.

How to export or share iMovie projects on Mac and iOS

Export iMovie project from your iPhone

If you completed your movie magic in iMovie and want to share your creation, the app makes it easy. You have a few different options to export a movie directly or save it as a file to do with what you wish.

If you have a finished project that you’re ready to share, here’s how to export a movie in iMovie on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.