Remote Control

Check out the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 for iPhone and iPad

If you're a gadget freak, then the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 is going to blow your socks off, just like the first version did twelve months ago.

Shown off at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, the AR.Drone 2.0 takes what was already a super cool and easy to fly iPhone-controlled quadricopter, and somehow manages to make it even more amazing. Featuring a new 720p HD camera and new flying aids, the 2.0 release of our favorite flying machine just took iPhone-related toys to the next level while keeping it just one step ahead of the competition.

Oh, and it now works with the iPad, too...

Griffin HeloTC iOS-Controlled Helicopter Review

The market for iOS-controlled vehicles has become rather crowded over the last 12 months. We've seen everything from robots to helicopters and everything in between. But most of these remote control devices are usually too pricey to go mainstream.

Griffin's Helo TC  breaks that mold by being one of the first iOS RC vehicles under $50. And although it has been available for a few months now, I just recently got my hands on one.

Tizi Turns an iPhone into a Siri-Powered iPad Remote

Some things still blow our minds, even with so much great technology and gadgetry being released every day. It takes a lot, but sometimes we just can't help bit sit there and say "wow, that's pretty cool." Tizi and the Tizi Remote app is one such situation.

Tizi is Germany's answer to Slingbox, allowing over-the-air content to be streamed to just about anything, including an iPad using the Tizi accessory. As if that wasn't cool enough, the company has now also released an app that allows an iPhone to act as a remote control for the iPad app, complete with Siri-powered voice control.

LogMeIn Remote Desktop App for iOS Goes Free

If you are the kind of person that finds yourself needing to access your computers from obscure, remote locations, then you are in for a spot of pre-Christmas luck. Especially if you like to be able to access said computers from your iOS devices.

LogMeIn Ignition, the beloved remote desktop app for the iPhone and iPad, has been released as a free app, now simply called LogMeIn. The app works as expected, and offers remote desktop functionality for those that need it.

But how will LogMeIn generate money, we hear you cry. Well, it's technically gone freemium ...

Meet the First iPhone-Controlled Missile Launcher

iPhone-controlled toys have been popping up all over the place this year. There's been helicopters, Drones, and even robots. But we haven't come across a dedicated desktop missile launcher... until now.

The iLaunch Thunder is, well, a desktop missile launcher that can rotate and fire foam missiles at nearby targets. The cool part is that you can control the rotating, and the missile launching, with any iOS device...

TouchPad 4.0 for iOS Released, Use Siri Dictation to Send Text to Your Mac

Edovia has announced the next major version of its popular remote iOS app, TouchPad. We've told you about TouchPad before, and this newest update brings many more features to what was already one of the best remote keyboard and trackpad apps in the App Store.

TouchPad lets you control your Mac from your iPhone and iPad. This 4.0 update brings with it the ability to use Siri on the iPhone 4S to interact with and send text to your Mac over a Wi-Fi network.

Meet Romo, the iPhone-Powered Robot

We've seen multiple iOS-controlled helicopters and other robotic accessories over the last few months. Apparently, using your iDevice to remotely control a bite-sized vehicle is becoming quite popular.

But even though the RC market is getting crowded, there is still tons of room for innovative products. Romotive proves that with Romo, the first iPhone/iPod touch-powered (and controlled) robot... 

Belkin’s LiveAction Camera Stand and Remote For iPhone Coming Soon


iPhone photographers rejoice, Belkin has a new iPhone accessory in the oven that will take your picture-taking abilities to the next level. And judging by the company's recent FCC filing, it seems that the product is nearing completion.

The LiveAction is a two-piece combo accessory that includes both a camera stand for the iPhone and a remote control. Not only will this allow you to snap pictures from a distance, but it will also open up the doors for creative movie-making...

iPod Creator Unveils His Latest Creation, A Thermostat

Tony Fadell is best known for his involvement in the creation of Apple's hit music player. The DJ-turned-engineer oversaw 9 years of iPod productions and three years of iPhones. And after 18 months of silence, he's finally unveiled his next big product.

It's a thermostat. You know, the thing that controls the temperature in your house? Except this isn't just an ordinary thermostat, this is an eco-friendly, Wi-Fi enabled, self-adjusting thermostat that you can control from anywhere in the world with your iPhone...

iOS-Controlled Helicopter Gets Launchable Missiles

Tired of flying animated helicopters and shooting digital missiles? Why not try the real thing? The folks behind the popular iHelicopter line just released a new iOS-controlled helicopter that is sure to cure your boredom.

The new Cobra from iHelicopter comes complete with all of the typical RC helicopter features. It has a durable frame to prevent crash-damage, a self-stabilizer to help with flying, and oh yeah, two on-board launchable missiles...

Use Your iPhone to Control a Tiny Ball with Sphero

Using the iPhone to remotely control cars and other vehicles was once limited to hackers and hobbyist. But ever since Parrot introduced the AR.Drone, we've seen several RC accessories hit the iOS scene.

It seems like remote control helicopters are all the rage with accessory-makers this Fall, but Orbotix has something else in mind. They want you to use your iDevice to control a Fushigi-looking robotic sphere...