Apple upgrades OTA download limit to 50MB

Although the App Store and all of its wonderful applications are accessible over a 3G network, there's a bit of a caveat. Apple prevents you from downloading larger applications when using anything but a Wi-Fi connection.

That limitation used to be a measly 25MB, meaning anything over that would prompt a pop up that would tell you to connect to a Wi-Fi network to download. But it looks like today, Apple has bumped that limit up to 50MB...

Apple Releases iOS 5.1 Beta 3 to Developers

Finally, after nearly a month of silence, Apple has seeded the 3rd beta of iOS 5.1 to developers. As you may recall, the company pushed out beta 2 all the way back on December 12th of last year.

As several other sites are noting, the update only seems to be available via OTA (over-the-air) for previous iOS 5.1 users, but it should be available from Apple's regular developer portal shortly...

How to Remove the Settings App Badge From a Jailbroken iDevice

With the advent of over-the-air (OTA) delta updates, Apple has brought a significant convenience to the majority of their users. Now, not only do you not need to be near a computer to update iOS, but updates are generally much smaller than they were previously.

On the flip side, OTA updates make things a bit more annoying for jailbreakers and potential jailbreakers, as you've likely already experienced...

Jailbreak iOS 5 Beta 4 With RedSn0w

Apple released iOS 5 Beta 4 yesterday to developers, and the Dev-Team has already released an update to the jailbreak tool RedSn0w for a tethered jailbreak on iOS 5 Beta 4.

This jailbreak is not recommended for non-developers, and RedSn0w will need to be used each time you reboot to re-jailbreak your iDevice.

iOS 5 Beta 4 Blocks Jailbreakers From OTA Updates

In case you missed the news, Apple seeded iOS 5 beta 4 to developers yesterday. The new software brings loads of bug fixes and minor updates, and it also introduced a major new feature. Today's beta was the first firmware update that Apple's pushed to devs over-the-air.

Although things got off to a rocky start, a majority of the folks guinea-pigging the OTA updates seemed to be happy with the end result. However, if you have a jailbroken iDevice and tried updating to the new iOS 5 software, it was probably a different story...

iTunes 10.5 Beta 4 Now Available for Download [Updated]

Along with the release of iOS 5 beta 4, Apple has also released iTunes 10.5 Beta 4. For some reason, everytime I connect my iPad 2 running iOS 5 Beta 3, I get an error message telling me that my iPad couldn't be synced with this version of iTunes because its software is too old.

What do you mean by "too old," iTunes? This iOS version is not even 2 weeks old. Maybe it just wants me to do an OTA update, but this is also a problem as it appears my iOS Beta 4 OTA download got stuck (and I'm not the only one having this issue)...

Over-the-Air Updates in iOS 5 Shouldn’t Affect Jailbreakers

After the unveiling of iOS 5 by Apple at WWDC, we're trying to process all of the information that has been announced about Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud.

One of the cool new features in iOS 5 is OTA (over-the-air) firmware updates delivered straight to an iDevice. Instead of having to connect your iPhone to iTunes, an update to iOS will be pushed to your iPhone automatically by Apple.

While that concept sounds great, it doesn't sound like a good thing for jailbreakers. As it turns out, OTA iOS updates shouldn't un-jailbreak the iPhone...

OTA Updates and Backups in iOS 5, No PC Required

Apple just dropped a bombshell. As the rumors correctly predicted, Apple will be bringing over-the-air iOS updates. And instead of having to plug your device into iTunes on a PC to initially register, you will be able to active an iDevice from the device itself- out of box.

OTA firmware updates and backups will be introduced in iOS 5, and you can now say that you've officially "cut the cord."

Automatic Over-the-Air App Updates Coming in iOS 5

An upcoming iOS 5 feature has been leaked in iTunes. Following the rumor that iOS 5 would offer over-the-air downloads for iOS updates, MacRumors has uncovered a new Apple feature called "Automatic Download."

Currently, users have to manually update App Store apps. You can update one app at a time, or update all apps at once in the App Store app. Automatic Download would allow for OTA downloading and syncing of app updates in iOS...