How to Remove the Settings App Badge From a Jailbroken iDevice

With the advent of over-the-air (OTA) delta updates, Apple has brought a significant convenience to the majority of their users. Now, not only do you not need to be near a computer to update iOS, but updates are generally much smaller than they were previously.

On the flip side, OTA updates make things a bit more annoying for jailbreakers and potential jailbreakers, as you’ve likely already experienced…


Not only do most jailbreakers avoid OTA updates like the plague, but potential jailbreakers, i.e. those with iPhone 4S devices, are staying away in hopes of an untethered jailbreak in the future.

Needless to say, the iPhone 4S jailbreak is taking some time to come to fruition. As a means to add insult to injury, Apple is now pushing notification badges to the Settings app as a reminder that a delta update for iOS 5.0.1 is available for download and install.

This gets old very quickly, especially if you have no intentions of ever updating using the OTA method. Fortunately, there’s a new jailbreak tweak entitled noOTA badge that eliminates the pesky Settings app notification badge.

The unfortunate thing about this tweak is that it’s just that, a tweak. This means that iPhone 4S owners are still stuck with that annoying little red badge icon, taunting them day by day, urging them to slip up just once and update.

As a 4S owner, I feel your pain, but if you’re rocking any other jailbroken iOS 5 device, feel free to download noOTA badge and eliminate that Settings app notification with ease.