Opera GX Mac browser aims at gamers

Opera GX

When you're playing an intense game on your Mac, the last thing you want is your web browser getting in the way by hogging up network resources, memory or CPU load. That's why Opera developed Opera GX for gamers. That browser is now available for the Mac in an early access version.

Opera Coast gains Snapchat-like news feed, Opera Mini picks up 3D Touch support

Opera Coast, a third-party web browser for iOS, has been updated in the App Store today with real-time news and notifications while Opera Mini now supports 3D Touch shortcuts for accessing your favorite sites by lightly pressing the app's icon on the Home screen of the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus.

Opera Mini also integrates with iOS 9's Spotlight Search and has a few other refinements mentioned further below.

In Opera Coast, you can now preview headlines from sites you follow with a new feature, called For You. This basically aggregates online articles into a single tile, giving you an at-a-glance overview of your news right inside the browser.

Opera brings video boost feature to Coast browser

Norwegian browser developer Opera Software has refreshed its free Coast browser for the iPhone and iPad with several new features, among them Opera Turbo compression technology which can boost streaming video performance by reducing the size of video data, resulting in fewer buffering breaks while saving your mobile data bills.

Opera Coast 4.0 is now live with Discover, Turbo Compression, Coast Cards and Handoff

Opera Coast, a minimalist browser that Opera Software launched for the iPhone back in April (and released on the iPad in September 2013) has received a substantial update on Tuesday bringing out four new features.

For starters, the app now supports Apple's Handoff technology (requires iCloud, iOS 8, Yosemite and Bluetooth 4.0) so you can start browsing on your iPhone or iPad and continue right where you left off in your OS X browser, be it Safari, Opera or whatever app happens to be set as your default Mac browser.

And if you own an iPhone 6 Plus, the elegant Coast app will delight you with its all-new two-pane landscape mode support. Jump past the fold for other enhancements in Coast 4.0.

Opera Mini adds new features, including opening links from other apps via iOS 8 extension

The Opera Mini web browser for the iPhone and iPad by Opera Software has received a much-needed iOS 8 extension and a few other features in its latest 9.1 update. The extension makes it easy to open links in Opera Mini from other apps using the multi-purpose iOS Share menu.

After enabling the new ‘Open in Opera Mini’ extension in the Share menu, you'll be able to open links in Opera Mini from other apps, including browsers like Safari and Chrome.

“This is especially helpful when you want to jump from Safari to Opera Mini to save on mobile data,” developers noted alluding to their browser's Turbo mode which compresses web pages to cut down on your cellular data usage.

Opera Mini 9 adds Video Boost, promises less buffering and data usage

Opera has released an update for its iOS web browser, Opera Mini, bringing the app to version 9.0. There isn't much of a change log, but there is a significant new video compression feature Opera is calling Video Boost.

Built on Skyfire's video optimization tech, Video Boost aims to lessen both buffering and data usage while streaming video content. It accomplishes this by quickly shrinking down video data before it lands on your device.

Opera Mini for iOS gets a surprise overhaul loaded with cool new features

For the first time since 2012, the Opera browser by Norway-based Opera Software has received a substantial update cleaning up the UI dramatically.

In a nutshell, Opera has dropped the dark theme in favor of a light appearance. I'm liking it a lot: not only is the new look a lot easier on the eyes, navigating and enjoying web content is now more pleasurable than ever before.

In addition to the updated design, the new Opera Mini version 8.0 brings out several new features, including a new data compression mode, user interface themes to customize the browser's look, a new way to discover what's trending and a built-in QR code reader...

Opera launches Coast browser on iPhone

After releasing the iPad-only version of Coast back in September, Opera Software on Thursday launched the iPhone edition of its WebKit-based iOS browser. Now available free in the App Store, Coast brings a clean web browsing experience to the smaller iPhone and iPod touch screen, featuring a simplified user interface with seamlessly integrated Google search, elegant animations, automatic iCloud syncing of home screen tiles and more...