Opera’s Crypto Browser launches on iOS with a built-in crypto wallet and more

Opera’s Crypto Browser is now available on iPhone and iPad, and it arrives with an integrated crypto wallet and easy access to the world of Web3 apps.

Marketing image showcasing Opera Software's Crypto Browser on iPhone with an integrated native non-custodial crypto wallet and easy access to Web3 apps
Image credit: Opera Software
  • Opera’s dedicated crypto browser has launched on the iOS platform
  • It has an integrated non-custodial crypto wallet
  • Opera says that Crypto Browser is the world’s first Web3 browser

Opera Crypto Browser for iOS has launched

Opera Software, the Norwegian tech company specializing in web browser development and fintech, has released its dedicated crypto browser for iOS [App Store link]. The dedicated app provides a built-in crypto wallet and supports Web3 apps. Crypto Browser is available for the iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Windows and Android platforms. The iPhone and iPad versions are available to download from the App Store, but the Mac version must be downloaded via the Opera website.

A crypto experience in the palm of your hands

The app makes Web3 apps as accessible as any Web2 website while providing a dedicated experience to both people who are familiar with cryptocurrencies and newcomers. Its native non-custodial crypto wallet supports Ethereum, Polygon and Celo, with support for other blockchain technologies coming in the future. Crypto Browser automatically blocks cryptojacking scripts and uses Ethereum’s Layer 2 technology to reduce the environmental and energy impact of blockchain technology. Read: How to create a blank iPhone home screen with no apps

If you have a different wallet, you can restore any Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible wallet with the native Opera Wallet, letting you “integrate your existing assets and balances into your Crypto Browser setup and keep everything in one place,” according to the Opera blog. Aside from sending and receiving supported tokens, the app enables you to purchase cryptocurrencies using fiat currency and exchange. Read: How to quickly access Wallet and Apple Pay on your lock screen

The world’s first Web3 browser

As mentioned, the app lets you access Web3 apps, including Web3 NFTs and decentralized apps (with more than 7,000 Polygon-supported services). Crypto fans even get a dedicated section within Crypto Browser with the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies, including podcasts. Aside from the features focused on Web3 and crypto, the app provides standard features you can find in many other web browsers such as ad, pop-up and cookie dialog blocking.