Opera GX Mac browser aims at gamers

Opera GX

When you’re playing an intense game on your Mac, the last thing you want is your web browser getting in the way by hogging up network resources, memory or CPU load. That’s why Opera developed Opera GX for gamers. That browser is now available for the Mac in an early access version.

In a blog post, Opera GX product manager Maciej Kocemba acknowledged that Mac gamers aren’t as plentiful as Windows gamers, it’s still a market that Opera wanted to appeal to with its new browser.

In its analysis of Opera GX’s target market, gamers, Opera noted that 49% of gamers experience technical problems while gaming. 30% have trouble with networking, 26% have memory issues on their computers, and 14 percent report processor overload problems. Opera GX has been optimized to avoid these problems by providing user-controllable network bandwidth, CPU, and RAM limiters.

Features include ad blocking, a built-in VPN, integration with the popular video streaming service Twitch, built-in sound effects, shortcuts to Discord and Reddit, customizable themes and sound effects and more.

Opera GX was released for Windows earlier this year and has been in closed testing on the Mac for the past month. Now Opera has released the Mac build of Opera GX as an early access release.

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