The minimalist Opera browser just got two times faster on Apple silicon Macs

The Opera browser for macOS is now up to two times faster on Mac computers powered by Apple silicon rather than Intel chips, thanks to newly-launched native support for M1 Macs.


  • Up to two times faster on Macs powered by Apple silicon.
  • Easier access to the Player, Flow and Crypto Wallet.
  • Set your own custom keyboard shortcuts.

A promotional image for the Opera browser on macOS advertising 2x speed increase on Apple silicon M1 Mac computers

Opera just got faster on M1 Macs

“With this latest release, Opera runs two times faster compared to the previous version of our browser,” reads a post on the Opera website. “This means faster access to your favorite websites and quicker transition to Opera’s built-in features such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter and Instagram—all neatly packed into the sidebar.”

The minimalist Norwegian browser, built on the Chromium project, has also implemented customizable keyboard shortcuts in this release to let you get to your favorite features faster.

Download Opera for Mac from the official website.

How to set custom shortcuts in Opera for Mac

You can set these by clicking the three-dotted icon at the bottom of the sidebar, then hit another three-dotted icon next to your favorite feature and select the option labeled “Configure shortcuts.” Now sSimply type your custom shortcut next to the selected feature to access it in an instant with a quick keystroke that you’ve just customized.

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For instance, you may want to define a custom keyboard shortcut to access Flow, a feature that connects the browser with Opera on iOS and Android for sending notes, images and more. Likewise, you could create a shortcut for Opera’s built-in Crypto Wallet or the Player feature.