Mute Switch

This tweak mirrors your iPhone’s silent mode status to your Apple Watch

Both the Apple Watch and iPhone support silent mode – a feature that mutes all incoming notification sounds to prevent awkward situations in certain predicaments, such as a ringtone going off in the middle of class or disturbing participants during a work conference. Unfortunately, this handy feature doesn’t stay in sync between both devices, necessitating manual input for each.

This is a problem that a newly released jailbreak tweak called WatchMuteMirror by iOS developer Cardboard Face aims to resolve. As you may have inferred already from the tweak’s name, WatchMuteMirror keeps silent mode in sync between your iPhone and your Apple Watch so that the latter doesn’t make a bunch of noise even after you toggle the mute switch on the side of your iPhone.

EnableCCMute enables the hidden mute toggle in Control Center

It seems like Apple is hiding some pretty useful functionality from us in the iOS 10 Control Center that might remain hidden until a future release of iOS, such as a toggle for recording your screen and a toggle for Low Power Mode, but from the looks of things, it doesn’t end there.

If you have an iPad, then you're probably familiar with the Mute toggle that appears in Control Center, which it's not present on other iOS devices despite still existing in the system. A new free jailbreak tweak called EnableCCMute by iKilledAppl3 enables this hidden toggle on all jailbroken iOS 10 devices.

Leak: claimed iPhone 7 chassis, SIM tray and mute button in Space Black

It's still unclear if Apple's rumored new iPhone 7 colorway will be a dark blue variant, as first suggested by Japanese blog Mac Otakara, or an Apple Watch-like Space Black. Today, Carrier China Unicom published an iPhone 7 teaser image on Facebook indicating Deep Blue colorway but now a more credible source has come forward with shots of claimed iPhone 7 components in a hue which appears markedly darker than Space Gray.

Crisp iPhone 7 Plus snaps show Smart Connector and, confusingly, no Mute switch

The industry-standard 3.5mm headphone jack may not be the only widely-used feature that is thought to be on the chopping block for the next iPhone. A new batch of high-resolution photographs that surfaced last evening appear to show off a larger 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus model that doesn't seem to have the Mute switch on its side.

The photos were posted by French bog NowhereElse. The same publication released a set of images yesterday that gave us the clearest look yet at the iPhone 7's subdued antenna lines.

How to prevent your iPhone from vibrating when it’s on mute

No vibration in silent mode on iPhone

Toggling the ringer switch on your iPhone is not enough to make it completely silent: the phone will still be quite noisy when it vibrates as you receive a notification or a call.

According to Apple, in ring mode, your iPhone plays all sounds, and in silent mode, it doesn’t ring or play alerts and other sound effects, but it'll still vibrate. So, if your iPhone is kept on the office table during a meeting, its incoming call or text vibration is sure to buzz the room.

Thankfully, you can change this behavior and prevent your iPhone from vibrating when it’s silenced. Here's how.

Photos of alleged iPhone 5S SIM tray and various buttons

Although we won't likely see a new iPhone at WWDC next week, it is on the way. The handset is reportedly scheduled to go into production this month, and is expected to be unveiled during a September or October event.

We know little about the device, believed to be the iPhone 5S, outside of the fact that it is going to look like its predecessor. We have seen a number of minor part leaks though, with a few more turning up this morning...

Make sure your iPhone keeps quiet with The Mutator

The behavior of the iPhone's Mute switch has long been a topic of debate. While switching it off will silence most of the handset's sounds, it won't keep alarms and other system functions quiet, which as you can imagine can make for some embarrassing moments.

And that's where the Mutator comes in. The tiny accessory fits in your iPhone's headphone jack, and promises to ease your mind when in meetings, movie theaters and other 'please silence your cell phone' situations by ensuring your handset won't make a sound...