Three major Apple suppliers have submitted preliminary bids for Toshiba’s flash chip business

In the coming weeks, Toshiba will unveil a final decision concerning selling a majority stake in its lucrative memory business. Bloomberg reported this morning that iPhone manufacturer Foxconn’s preliminary bid for Toshiba’s semiconductor unit is valued at a whopping $26.93 billion. According to Bloomberg’s sources, that amount is in part to force negotiations, using a bid that’s too high to ignore.

The different kinds of memory states on your Mac and what they mean

I was recently asked about the difference between active, inactive, and wired memory on computers. Many memory measure tools use these terms to describe your memory usage and doesn’t really go into much depth about what they mean.

In this piece, I hope to shed some light on this confusion and explain the differences between these memory states the best I can.

Confirmed: the iPhone 6s ships with 2GB of RAM

Good news for those worried about the RAM situation of the new iPhone 6s—it has been confirmed that both the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus will both sport 2GB of RAM. Well-known developer Hamza Sood confirmed the details by means of a tweet earlier today.

Apple rarely advertises the RAM contained in its products, but regardless of how Apple wants to downplay its importance, RAM is a big deal. 

Samsung reportedly supplying advanced DRAM memory for upcoming iPhones

In addition to landing a contract to build Apple’s next-generation A9 mobile processor for 2015 iPhones and iPads, Samsung is said to be supplying the Cupertino firm with its advanced DRAM memory chips to be used in next-generation iPhones, as well as LG’s upcoming G4 flagship handset.

The South Korean firm files as the world’s biggest memory chip supplier. According to a report Tuesday by The Korea Times citing two people familiar with the deal, the contract is estimated to be worth billions of dollars and last at least for a year.

New iPhone 5 logic board photo: A6 chip, Qualcomm LTE modem, Hynix flash

We’re less than three hours away from Apple’s big presser and, conveniently, a new high-quality photo surfaced alleging to represent the iPhone 5 logic board. From what can be gleaned, the board clearly shows an Apple-designed chip labeled “A6”, in addition to other chips that indicate LTE world-phone functionality, also proving that Apple could indeed be reducing its dependency on fellow smartphone maker and frenemy Samsung, which supplies Cupertino with more than one-third of components that go inside the current-generation iPhone…

New iPad packs 1GB of RAM, not that Apple will tell you that

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed about an Apple hardware release these days, it’s that all of us are going to wonder just what innards are hidden beneath that oh-so-gorgeous exterior.

The new iPad is no different, and while the rumors suggest that the new tablet will sport a considerable chunk of RAM, 1GB to be exact, it’s not likely that Apple will be sharing the fact any time soon.

In fact, we doubt they’ll ever share the iPad’s amount of RAM with us mere mortals…

Developer Shows How iOS Handles Multitasking [Video]

Everyone seems to be talking about iOS and how it handles it’s own particular brand of multitasking right now, and things have gotten rather heated.

With many high-profile developers and commentators reiterating that iOS handles multitasking fine just by itself, and some Apple Geniuses seemingly adamant that running apps should be closed manually in order to free up memory, one developer has been particularly outspoken. Fraser Speirs has already written a lengthy blog post on the subject, but now he has released an even longer video explaining just how iOS handles memory usage when multitasking.

The upshot? It turns out that iOS is actually pretty darned clever…