How to share a Memory from Photos on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Memories in Photos app on iPhone

If you enjoy perusing the Memories that the Photos app assembles for you, why not share them? You may have a Memory from a holiday, birthday, vacation, or special occasion where those who were with you would like to see.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to share a Memory from Photos on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

What is the Mac Activity Monitor and how do you use it?

Energy Tab Activity Monitor

The Activity Monitor on your Mac is one of those tools that you should become familiar with. You by no means need be an expert on it, but you should know the basics. Why, you ask? Because the Activity Monitors shows all the processes running on your Mac. It’s like a task manager, so you can see how those processes affect your Mac and close any if needed.

Whether you’re new to Mac or simply new to the Activity Monitor, we’ll walk you through the basics you need to know.

This tweak lets you free up iPhone storage space by clearing app caches

Every app you use on your iPhone or iPad sports a base file size, but you may notice that their storage footprint increases with time as you use them; this is because they build a cache file, an accumulation of data that gets used by the app to help it load more quickly.

If you find it challenging to live within your handset’s soldered storage constraints, then clearing your apps’ caches could help you cope. Fortunately, a free jailbreak tweak called CacheClearer (iOS 11) by iOS developers Julio Verne and Ryan Petrich lets you clear those caches on demand.

10 ways Apple could improve the MacBook Pro

Apple’s MacBook Pro has been my personal computer of choice for almost a decade now, and while I’ve loved every upgrade along the way, I can’t help but feel like Apple could do better.

Given just how expensive a MacBook Pro becomes as you start pegging out the specs on Apple’s website, it seems like Apple could do more to help me justify the price point. With that in mind, I’ll discuss at least ten ways Apple could improve their flagship notebook in this piece.

2018 Mac Mini tech specs

On Tuesday, Apple unveiled a much-requested refresh of the Mac Mini, which sports powerful new hardware and a redesigned chassis constructed from fully-recycled aluminum.

In this piece, we outline the tech specs concerning Apple‘s all-new 2018 Mac Mini.

2018 MacBook Air tech specs

On Tuesday, Apple unveiled a much-needed refresh of the MacBook Air with powerful new hardware, a Retina Display, Touch ID authentication, and an all-new fully-recycled aluminum chassis.

In this piece, we outline the tech specs concerning Apple's all-new 2018 MacBook Air.