New iPad packs 1GB of RAM, not that Apple will tell you that

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed about an Apple hardware release these days, it’s that all of us are going to wonder just what innards are hidden beneath that oh-so-gorgeous exterior.

The new iPad is no different, and while the rumors suggest that the new tablet will sport a considerable chunk of RAM, 1GB to be exact, it’s not likely that Apple will be sharing the fact any time soon.

In fact, we doubt they’ll ever share the iPad’s amount of RAM with us mere mortals…

Developer Shows How iOS Handles Multitasking [Video]

Everyone seems to be talking about iOS and how it handles it’s own particular brand of multitasking right now, and things have gotten rather heated.

With many high-profile developers and commentators reiterating that iOS handles multitasking fine just by itself, and some Apple Geniuses seemingly adamant that running apps should be closed manually in order to free up memory, one developer has been particularly outspoken. Fraser Speirs has already written a lengthy blog post on the subject, but now he has released an even longer video explaining just how iOS handles memory usage when multitasking.

The upshot? It turns out that iOS is actually pretty darned clever…

Next iPhone Rumored to Have 64GB Storage Option

Adding more fuel to the fire, rumor ninja Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac reports that Apple’s next iPhone will come in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about a 64GB flavor of the iPhone 5, although there’s reason to believe that Apple’s focus on cloud storage with iCloud refutes such a claim.

With rumors of the iPhone 4S combating the idea of completely redesigned iPhone, Apple could choose to offer a cheaper iPhone with only 8GB of onboard storage. If iCloud is the future, how does more physical storage play into Apple’s vision?

The Likely Reason Why There Will Be No 64GB iPhone 5

Yesterday, we reported that the iPhone 5 might not receive the bump in storage that some have been expecting. Rumors swirling around a screen-grab from a Vodafone inventory listing, suggests that the iPhone 5 will arrive in one of four flavors — a black 16GB or 32GB option, and a white 16GB or 32GB option — 64GB of storage capacity was nowhere to be seen.

Now, at first, that might seem weird considering that Apple’s created 64GB iterations of the iPod touch and iPad lineup. But iCloud is right on the horizon, and with it, Apple has effectively eliminated the need for increased local storage capacity in their mobile devices. Check inside to see why…

Rumor: iPhone Nano Will Be Totally Cloud-Based

Rumors regarding the mysterious “iPhone Nano” have been surfacing everywhere lately. Speculation started gaining some traction last week, with a report from Bloomberg saying that Apple has been working on a smaller and cheaper version of the iPhone.

The Wall Street Journal recently corroborated and added some details to Bloomberg’s report. According to the WSJ, the “iPhone Nano” will be considerably smaller than the current iPhone and heavily rely on Apple’s MobileMe service.

More rumors have emerged regarding the iPhone Nano…