Confirmed: the iPhone 6s ships with 2GB of RAM

iPhone 6s Plus video

Good news for those worried about the RAM situation of the new iPhone 6s—it has been confirmed that both the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus will both sport 2GB of RAM. Well-known developer Hamza Sood confirmed the details by means of a tweet earlier today.

Apple rarely advertises the RAM contained in its products, but regardless of how Apple wants to downplay its importance, RAM is a big deal. 

Sood was able to confirm the increase in RAM by means of Xcode, which contains details that confirm the inclusion of 2GB of RAM on Apple’s new iPhones. Rumors were swirling for a time that the iPhone 6s Plus may be the only one to benefit from the RAM upgrade, but thankfully, the standard size iPhone 6s will have an additional 1GB of RAM added as well.

This is the first time that Apple has shipped an iPhone with more than 1GB of RAM, and it joins the iPad Air 2 as the only device to have 2GB of RAM. The iPad Air 2, in my opinion, heavily benefited from the RAM addition, and I think that the iPhone 6s stands to benefit heavily as well.

Added RAM means better performance, and less occurrences of Safari tabs dumping their contents due to lack of RAM. Android devices have been getting 2GB of RAM, and some of the more recent devices sport up to 4GB of RAM. iOS is historically better at managing memory, so the lack of RAM isn’t as noticeable as it would have been on an Android phone, but 2GB certainly improves things.

Do you feel better about your iPhone purchase now that you know that it ships with adequate RAM?