Live Photos

How to make a GIF on iPhone

Ways to create GIF on iPhone

GIFs are animated images that play continuously in a loop. You can turn your still photos, Live Photos, and videos into GIFs on your iPhone and iPad. In this tutorial, we show you 4 free ways to create GIFs on your iPhone and save or share them.

How to add loop and bounce effects to Live Photos

Add Loop Effect to Live Photo on iPhone

Live Photos are nifty little moving clips in the form of photos. When you see one, just press and hold to watch it move and hear its sound. And since Live Photos are like tiny videos, you can do some cool things with them, like add effects.

If you want to make your Live Photo loop or bounce, you can easily do so on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Here, we’ll show you how.

How to change the key frame for a Live Photo on iOS and Mac

Make Key Photo for a Live Photo on iPhone

Whether you take advantage of Live Photos a little or a lot, these are great ways to capture memories. They’re like mini video clips that bring moments to life. But while Live Photos sit in your album in the Photos app, they display as a still shot.

Here, we’ll show you how to change that key photo; the still image key frame that displays before you open the Live Photo. And we’ll explain how to do it on iPhone, iPad, and Mac so you’re covered no matter what you’d like to make the change.

This tweak provides jailbreakers with the new iPhone 12 Pro wallpapers

If you’ve seen any of the Apple’s advertisements for the latest iPhones, then you’ve undoubtedly observed the new wallpapers showcased on those handsets in those advertisements. Those wallpapers aren’t available out of the box on older or current handsets, but if you’re jailbroken, then the news news is that you can obtain them rather easily.

iPhone 12 Pro Wallpapers is a newly released and free add-on by iOS developer sunchipnacho that ports all of those shiny new wallpapers to pwned handsets on iOS 13 or 14.

Arise lets jailbreakers customize and automate the Lock Screen

The iPhone’s Lock Screen is a straightforward interface that acts as a gateway between the user and the Home Screen or last-used interface. While it does its job, many would likely agree that it could do with improvements — some major and some minor.

Enter Arise, a newly released jailbreak tweak by iOS developer EthanDoesMC that aims to make any jailbroken iPhone’s Lock Screen more lively with exiting and obvious features that will make you question Apple’s own innovation.

How to disable autoplay for videos and Live Photos in the Photos app

Live Photos on iPhone Zebras

When you’re browsing through your pictures in the Photos app, you might notice that Live Photos and videos automatically play. And while this can be convenient if you’re just reliving some memories, it can be distracting if you’re looking for something in particular.

Here, we’ll show you how to disable the autoplay feature for videos and Live Photos in the Photos app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to enable or disable Live Photos during FaceTime calls

FaceTime Disabled Live Photo iPhone

Our devices give us plenty of ways to capture precious moments. From taking photos to recording videos, we can easily save seconds or minutes to cherish later. And if you find yourself using FaceTime even more than before, you may want to save snapshots of those calls.

One way is to record FaceTime calls on your iPhone and Mac. But if you don’t want to record an entire lengthy call yet capture a moment or two, you can snag Live Photos instead. This tutorial shows you how to start as well as stop Live Photos from being captured during your FaceTime calls on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

DynaWall lets you make custom Dynamic/Live wallpapers, Lite version now available

iPhone and iPad users know exactly what it means to use Dynamic or Live wallpapers. Both forms of wallpaper come pre-installed by Apple from the factory, but herein lies the problem – it’s rather difficult to make your own custom Dynamic or Live wallpapers. That’s why a utility dubbed DynaWall by iOS developer The_Lucifer recently came to fruition in the jailbreak community.

With DynaWall, users can create custom Dynamic and Live wallpapers directly on their device using images gathered from their Camera Roll or from third-party image sites such as Bing, Reddit, or Unsplash. Once those images are selected, the app processes them and stores them in the native Wallpaper library to be applied by the end user.

How to export Live Photos as standalone videos

Save Live Photo as video on iPhone

You've been able to save a single Live Photo as a still image on your iPhone for quite some time. But did you know you can just as easily make a short video from a Live Photo and even stitch together multiple Live Photos to create a single mini-video of your memories!