Griffin introduces handy new Travel Power Bank for Apple Watch

Griffin on Monday added to the stack of CES product announcements by introducing the Travel Power Bank for Apple Watch. As you can see in the photo, the accessory is essentially a tiny battery pack with an inductive charging pad for Apple's wearable.

Griffin says that the built-in battery is of the 800 mAh variety, which is good enough to fully recharge the Apple Watch up to four times before needing more power for itself. That's not too shabby for a device that is so small it can be attached to a keychain.

Griffin’s new USB-C power cable brings MagSafe charging to 12-inch MacBook

Apple's twelve-inch MacBook is one hell of a laptop in terms of portability, build quality and features, but some people are fretting over its limited expandability. With just one USB-C port, folks who wish to connect more than one accessory to the notebook must buy pricey USB-C adapters.

Sadly, the adoption of USB-C on the one-port MacBook has also meant nixing Apple's tremendously popular MagSafe adapter.

If you're concerned about sending your notebook flying by accidentally tripping over its USB-C charging cable, Griffin has a solution for you in the form of a newly announced charging cable that brings MagSafe-like technology to the new MacBook.

Griffin WatchStand Charging Station: a solid two-in-one dock with some trade-offs

Earlier this month I reviewed the Belkin Charge Dock, a stylish dock for your iPhone and Apple Watch. I praised it for its classy, minimalistic design and embedded chargers, but knew that its steep $130 price tag would be a turnoff for many potential buyers.

This time around I want to tell you about a more affordable option—the Griffin WatchStand Charging Station. It too offers space for your iPhone and Apple Watch to rest and recharge, at less than half the price, but that savings does come with a few tradeoffs.

First, there's design. I don't think the WatchStand looks bad—in fact, Sebastien called its identical smaller sibling "sleek"—but I also don't think it looks anywhere near as good as the Belkin. Second, there are no cables included, meaning you have to supply your own.

So does the WatchStand's price and functionality offset these shortcomings? Let's find out.

Griffin’s WatchStand now available for order, ships in two weeks

Griffin Technology's curious WatchStand, which holds both an Apple Watch and your iPhone, is now available to order from the company's webstore for $29.99 a pop, or with a 10 percent discount via iDownloadBlog Deals. The Nashville, Tennessee headquartered accessory maker will start shipping first WatchStand units to customers in two weeks.

The sleek accessory docks your Apple Watch and iPhone while charging them at the same time, with the Watch cradle conveniently keeping your device at a viewable angle.

The MOTO TC is a fun iPhone controlled rally race car

If you are ready to hit the pavement, I suggest grabbing the Griffin MOTO TC Rally iPhone controlled toy car. That's right, no additional hardware is required, just your iPhone and the Bluetooth 4.0 controlled race car. As a child, teenager, and even as an adult, one of the biggest rushes in the toy world is remote controlling a toy car. Growing up, I used to make race tracks in the pine needles behind my parent's house. Not much has changed.

Bringing my childhood excitement in line with the 21st century, the MOTO TC is not only iPhone controlled, but also utilizes virtual damage control, weapon systems, and can monitor lap times. It is essentially like playing a console racing game, but with actual hardware.

CES 2014: Griffin unveils wireless PowerMate, new KaZoo gadgets, StudioConnect HD and more

Our coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 continues with a slew of new product announcements by the accessory maker Griffin. The company has shown off a wireless variant of its iconic PowerMate knob, the first-ever iPhone protective case with storage for Square's credit card reader, a multitrack version of the StudioConnect iPad music box and a brand new line of iPad protective cases, including a Papernomad iPad Air case, to name a few.

The Nashville, Tennessee based company has expanded its Kazoo-branded lineup with a matching iPad mini case, a stylus and a wall charger featuring fun animal graphics. There are also new app-controlled car and helicopter toys to check out, along with a range of iDevice cases in a variety of bold prints and colors to accent any style.

The monster breakdown is right below the fold...

Griffin introduces new iOS-controlled ‘Moto TC Rally’ car

Folks in the market for a new remote control car that you can control with an iOS device should check out Griffin's new 'Moto TC Rally' offering. It's half the price of the recently released Anki Drive kit and uses Bluetooth 4.0.

The fact that it uses Bluetooth 4.0 is huge for a few reasons. In addition to requiring almost no power, this means that you won't be restricted to line-of-sight, nor will you have to attach a bulky controller pack to your device...

Griffin unveils new MultiDock capable of syncing and charging up to 10 devices

Developers, teachers, and essentially anyone else with multiple USB devices will be happy to hear that Griffin has just unveiled a new version of its MultiDock. The redesigned charging station looks great, and can charge and sync up to 10 devices at once.

Griffin says that it collaborated with former Apple designer Thomas Meyerhoffer to build the second-generation MultiDock, which is both lighter and more attractive than its predecessor. It's also now compatible with several smartphone and tablet models...

Griffin’s multi-device charging station now shipping

The accessory maker Griffin at this year's CES in January 2013 took the wraps off the PowerDock 5, an intriguing charging station capable of charging and syncing up to five devices at once. Each of its five bays features an individual 10-watt, 2.1-amp power supply.

This lets you charge any iOS device, including the power-hungry iPad 3 and iPad 4 (which can be docked even in their cases). Those eyeing this ultimate charging station should be pleased learning that Griffin today started shipping the PowerDock 5...

Griffin announces its artsy Designer Series cases are now available for iPhone 5

If a cell phone is an extension of your personality, shouldn't you at least try adorn your iPhone with some unique designs and memorable artwork? That's what Griffin's Designer Series is all about. And starting today, these cases are finally available for your iPhone 5.

Now, I don't use iPhone cases for they hide Jony Ive's beautiful industrial design. But if I did, I'd definitely consider the Designer Series. They look great, are printed locally in small batches and present new looks that go beyond the boring designs which are too often forced upon us by so many uninspired case makers out there...