Griffin announces its artsy Designer Series cases are now available for iPhone 5

Griffin Designer Series for iPhone 5 (image 005)

If a cell phone is an extension of your personality, shouldn’t you at least try adorn your iPhone with some unique designs and memorable artwork? That’s what Griffin’s Designer Series is all about. And starting today, these cases are finally available for your iPhone 5.

Now, I don’t use iPhone cases for they hide Jony Ive’s beautiful industrial design. But if I did, I’d definitely consider the Designer Series. They look great, are printed locally in small batches and present new looks that go beyond the boring designs which are too often forced upon us by so many uninspired case makers out there…

Artwork emblazoning these limited-edition cases comes from Andrew Vastagh, Bill Caywood, BJ Barbee, Black 13 Tattoo Parlor, Danny McClain, Derrick Castle, Elizabeth Foster, Josh Shearon, JT Daly, Michael Sprouse, Patrick Weber and Rachel Karr.

The available themes are wildly varied and include anything from organic illustration to clean graphic design to tattoo artwork, among others.

Here’s an interesting tattoo that captured my attention.

Griffin Designer Series for iPhone 5 (image 002)

Lincoln artwork looks interesting.

Griffin Designer Series for iPhone 5 (image 001)

Smiley with a twist.

Griffin Designer Series for iPhone 5 (image 003)

And another one, for true patriots only.

Griffin Designer Series for iPhone 5 (image 004)

You could say these aren’t for everyone and you’d be right.

Be that as it may, the artistically inclined types and individualists should like them a lot.

The Designer Series is also available for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

Each will run you between $29.99 and $34.99.

What do you mean you don’t accessorize?