Facebook Messenger

How to report conversations on Facebook Messenger

FB Messenger Report Conversations iPhone

Have you received an unwanted message or maybe a harassing one on Facebook Messenger? Luckily you have a way to report these types of conversations in the Messenger app or on the web and it only takes a minute.

To protect yourself from unsolicited messages, here’s how to report conversations on Facebook Messenger.

How to turn off your Active Status in Facebook and Messenger

Disable Active Status Facebook Website

Just because you’re browsing your News Feed in Facebook or rereading some conversations in Messenger, it doesn’t mean you want everyone to know you’re available. You can change your status to inactive whenever you please. This way, you can use Facebook and Messenger without others knowing you’re online.

This tutorial will walk you through how to turn off your Active Status in Facebook and Messenger.

How to leave a group conversation in Facebook Messenger

Leave Facebook Messenger Group Conversation

Facebook Messenger is a great app for chatting with your Facebook friends. And you can have one-on-one conversations or chat with a group. But there may come a time when the conversation is over. While you cannot currently leave a one-on-one conversation, you can leave a group chat.

Here’s how to leave a group conversation in Facebook Messenger.

MessageBubbles brings a new look and feel to your messaging notifications

If you own an iPhone, then a significant percentage of your usage likely comprises of text messaging. Notifications for incoming messages typically stack up on the Lock screen until you acknowledge them, but if you fancy something that looks nicer, then you might appreciate a new jailbreak tweak called MessageBubbles by iOS developer Kurrt.

As the name implies, MessageBubbles replaces the Lock screen’s standard notification system with a unique message bubble-centric animation. In the screenshot example above, you’ll see how the background stays black as message bubbles from various apps roll into view. You’ll also notice how the message bubbles are color-matched to the app they originate from. This particular combination looks great on OLED displays, but also works on LCD displays.