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How to enable Chat Heads and Stickers in the Facebook app

Last week, Facebook released version 6.0 of its app for the iPhone and iPad. The update included two highly anticipated new features, Chat Heads and stickers, which the social network showed off at its 'Home' media event earlier this month.

Unfortunately, the two features are on a staggered rollout that Facebook said should be done "over the next few weeks," so not everyone has them yet. But never fear. As usual, the jailbreak community has come up with an easy way around this...

Here’s what Chat Heads could look like on a jailbroken iPhone

This is admittedly, a very rough demo, but it does give us a rough idea as to how Chat Heads might look on iOS. I'd say it's only a matter of time before a jailbreak developer implements Facebook's Chat Heads in some way, shape, or form throughout iOS.

What do you think? Perhaps it could be an extension of biteSMS, or maybe it could be a standalone feature? Whatever the case may be, I believe that the only variable here is time.

Facebook talking to Apple about bringing Home to iOS (debunked)


Facebook Home, a brand new and controversial feature from the social networking behemoth, is having a rocky start. At a news conference last week, CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new capability that puts users' News Feed right on the Lock screen of select HTC and Samsung smartphones. He then lambasted Apple's walled-garden approach and praised Google’s Android for being open "so we don’t have to work with them." But alas, Android users evidently aren't liking their new Home much.

Reviews on Google's Play Store give it an average score of 2.3 out of five stars, with the most common rating by far being just one star out of five. Perhaps sensing Android people may not be ready to embrace Home as Facebook's co-founder thought they would, Facebook is now toning down rhetoric and is apparently in talks with both Apple and Microsoft over bringing the Home overlay to iOS and Windows Phone...

Facebook Home now available, video tour posted

Facebook Home just landed on select Android devices so the social networking giant figured it should do a video to highlight some of the features of its controversial new UI overlay. A first-look clip, included right past the break, has Facebook's Product Director Adam Mosseri discussing Chat Heads, Cover Feed and nice gestures and animations which let you stay on top of what your Facebook friends have been up to, no matter what app you happen to be using at any given moment...

First Facebook Home reviews hit the web

After years of rumors and speculation, Facebook finally announced its entry into the smartphone space last week. But it didn't unveil its own hardware, or operating system, like a lot of folks were expecting. Instead, it showed off Facebook Home, a software shell for Android.

As you'd expect, feedback following the announcement has been filled with mixed emotions. Luckily, Facebook lifted the embargo on tech journalists last night, allowing them to publish their full reviews of Home to help give folks a better idea of what it's all about...

Facebook Home for iOS? Talk to Apple, Zuck says


Facebook has found a new home on Android, so to speak, as the social networking giant at a news conference earlier today unveiled a Home launcher, a new feature for select Android devices which marries cherry-picked Facebook applications to a beautiful user interface described as putting "people first in an app first world."

Alongside the new software shell, Mark Zuckerberg and HTC's Peter Chou announced the HTC First, an Android smartphone born out of the collaboration between Facebook and HTC which runs the Home interface. Zuckerberg confirmed his company will be rolling out the new launcher to select Android devices beginning April 12, as a free app download from Google's Play Store.

But what about iOS? iPhone users are unfortunately shut out. Initially hiding behind 'Apple's walled-garden' argument, Zuckerberg in wide-ranging interviews with Forbes and Wired.com shed more light on the matter...

HTC shows off new ‘First’ smartphone running Facebook Home

Facebook's media event just ended and as expected, most of what was talked about had to do with a new Facebook experience on Android. The social network unveiled a new 'people first' launcher, or shell if you will, for Android devices called Facebook Home.

But software wasn't the only topic of discussion today. Right before ending the press conference, Mark Zuckerberg pulled a Steve Jobs'-like 'one more thing,' and called HTC's CEO Peter Chou on stage to introduce the long-rumored HTC First smartphone...

Facebook introduces new ‘Home’ for Android devices

Facebook just finished up its media event, and to our surprise, most of the discussion was not about a new smartphone. Instead, it was about Facebook's new 'Home' launcher for Android devices that promises to put "people first in an app first world."

Home's not a forked version of Android, but rather a deep software integration with Google's OS that features a family of Facebook apps and a gorgeous UI. It changes the look of everything, from the Lock and Home screen to Messaging and more...