iPad Air to be handed out to all incoming freshmen at the University of Nevada, Reno

Education continues to be an important element to Apple, which usually relies on the company working with educational bodies in some way or another.

Like, for instance, today's announcement from the University of Nevada, Reno. The university says it is teaming up with Apple to provide the incoming freshman class with new iPad models. The goal, according to the announcement, is to develop a "common learning platform" for all students, providing equal access to technology. The university is calling it the "Digital Wolf Pack initiative."

The best free language learning apps for kids on iPhone and iPad

Language Learning Apps Kids - Endless Spanish

Learning a new language isn’t just a great way to continue our education and knowledge as adults but is a wonderful way to help our children too. Maybe you have a bilingual household or live in an area where more than one dialect is common.

By helping your child learn a new language when they’re young, you’re giving them the foundation to be well-rounded adults. Plus, you’re assisting them with communication skills and knowledge that last a lifetime.

These language learning apps for kids are similar to other educational apps in that they make learning fun. And we know that when learning is enjoyable, children are more apt to take an interest in the topic and want to learn. So, let’s get to the list!

The best apps for kids to learn sight words on iPhone and iPad

Apps for Sight Words - Phonics Reading

Teaching children to recognize sight words is important when they’re just learning to read. Knowing those common words that they can spot easily and not have to sound out helps them focus on tougher words.

For helping the youngster in your life, you can download sight word apps for iPhone and iPad. These digital tools can reinforce what they learn from you and their teachers. Plus, apps like these give them fun and entertaining ways to learn, which makes education more interesting.

Take a look at this list of apps for kids to learn sight words and see which one or more you think your child would enjoy!

The best apps for tracing letters on iPhone and iPad

Apps for tracing letters - ABC for Toddlers

When you’re little one is ready to start learning to write, fun and entertaining apps can help. Colorful shapes, cute characters, and enjoyable sounds can make learning more interesting for kids. These letter tracing apps for iPhone and iPad are terrific tools to encourage your child to learn the alphabet and write each letter correctly.

The best free educational AR apps for adults on iPhone and iPad

Educational AR apps - Apollos Moon Shot AR Inside a Moon Portal

With augmented reality (AR) apps, you can put objects right in front of you. We’ve already shown you some of the best AR apps for home design. These apps let you see what furniture, wall décor, and more look like in your own home before you shell out the cash.

If you want to take augmented reality a step further, check out these free educational AR apps for your iPhone or iPad. You can discover constellations and stars, use a geometric calculator, explore historic civilizations, and even learn to draw.

Take advantage of technology and expand your mind at the same time with these educational augmented reality apps.