The best apps for kids to learn sight words on iPhone and iPad

Teaching children to recognize sight words is important when they’re just learning to read. Knowing those common words that they can spot easily and not have to sound out helps them focus on tougher words.

For helping the youngster in your life, you can download sight word apps for iPhone and iPad. These digital tools can reinforce what they learn from you and their teachers. Plus, apps like these give them fun and entertaining ways to learn, which makes education more interesting.

Take a look at this list of apps for kids to learn sight words and see which one or more you think your child would enjoy!

Apps for sight words on iPhone and iPad

Sight Words & Phonics Reading

Sight Words and Phonics Reading on iPad

Take your little one on a fun-filled journey to the land of candy in Sight Words & Phonics Reading. The app is packed with learning games for sight words, phonics, and letter names.

Choose from games like Candy Fruit, Bingo, or Bubble House. Then select the candy, bingo piece, or bubble that has the sight word spoken. With correct answers, you earn items to grow your very own garden.

You can also check out flash cards that display letters and words that help with phonics, letter recognition, and spelling.

Sight Words & Phonics Reading has plenty to start with for pre-K aged kids. Then, unlock all 17 games and grade levels with an affordable, one-time, in-app purchase.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • Cost: Free with an in-app purchase for the full version

Sight Words Learning Games & Reading Flash Cards

Sight Words Learning Games Reading Flash Cards on iPad

Feed the monster machine or assemble the gears in Sight Words Learning Games & Reading Flash Cards. Create your kooky monster and then choose from one of the free games to check out the app. You can use upper, lower, or a mix of letter cases.

Each game gives you a different fun theme for recognizing sight words and picking the correct ones. The better you do, the higher your score. Keep guessing correctly to move through the game levels.

You can unlock flash cards, memory games and spelling challenges with a one-time, in-app purchase. The purchase also gives you all grade levels through third grade.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • Cost: Free with an in-app purchase for the full version

Endless Reader

Endless Reader on iPad

Cute and colorful monsters help your little one learn sight words in Endless Reader. This app incorporates letter recognition, phonics, and spelling into entertaining stories and sentences.

Drag the letters to the correct spots to spell the sight word and hear each letter sound as it lands in its space. You’ll then see an enjoyable animation as you put the word in the sentence.

Once you get through a set of level one words, you can buy word packs via in-app purchase if you and your child like the app.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows
  • Cost: Free with an in-app purchases for word packs

Sight Words by Photo Touch

Sight Words by Photo Touch on iPad

For an app that you can just open and play, take a look at Sight Words by Photo Touch. Tap Play and then just tap each word you hear. Hit the replay button if you didn’t hear the word or simply want to hear it again.

You can adjust the settings to customize the app to fit your child perfectly. Choose the minimum and maximum number of items to display, the sounds and words for correct and incorrect answers, the grade levels, and if you’d like to show hints.

Although Sight Words by Photo Touch doesn’t offer a variety of games or cute characters, it is a completely free app to help your child learn to read. And the customizations you can make as the parent gives you flexibility to make it more fun!

  • Availability: iPhone and iPad
  • Cost: Free

Learn Sight Words

Learn Sight Words on iPad

Learn Sight Words is another basic app that teaches your little one sight words. Start by selecting all words, a mixture of words, nouns, or a specific grade level from pre-K to third grade.

See the word, tap to hear it spoken, and then swipe to the next one. What’s nice about this app is that you can flag words with a tap. Then, select the Flagged Words section on the main screen to review those tough words you save.

Like Sight Words by Photo Touch, Learn Sight Words doesn’t offer games or gardens to grow. But for a free app that gives you sight words for ages 4 and up, it’s a great tool for reinforcing recognition of common words as your child learns to read.

  • Availability: iPhone and iPad
  • Cost: Free

Wrapping it up

Learning doesn’t have to be a boring chore for your child. And with these sight word apps for iPhone and iPad, they’ll start their educational journey enjoying learning to read.

Do you use one of these apps already or do you have another you’d like to recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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