Australian educators are going to provide Swift development courses starting this year

Swift is one of the most popular development languages out there, thanks in part to the fact that iOS is one of the most popular platforms out there in the wild. In an effort to make sure that developers, and those interested in becoming developers or simply just learning a new trade, some educators are turning to development courses in Apple’s dev language.

Today, Apple announced a new partnership with TAFE Queensland, which is located in Australia. This just so happens to be one of the area’s most popular training providers, and the largest in Queensland proper. Beginning later this year, Apple and TAFE Queensland will be offering up development courses with Swift as the primary coding language.

As is par for the course with these sorts of partnerships, Apple will be providing all of the necessary tools for both the educators and those taking the classes to excel in learning the programming language.

Per today’s announcement:

Developing in Swift blends creativity and coding to problem-solve in a way no other language can, giving our students the fundamental skills to create the world’s next transformative apps, from ideation to design, development, and distribution through the App Store,”’ says Jackie French, director of Creative Arts and Digital Design at TAFE Queensland. ‘Demand from students and industry continues to grow, proving the need for a larger pipeline of graduates qualified to maximize today’s job opportunities and keep Queensland and Australia at the forefront of creativity and innovation.

Apple says the development classes will begin sometime in October of this year. The press release also touches on other areas where Apple has been tapped to help with educational efforts in Queensland as well. You can learn more about Apple’s endeavors in the area right here.