Disney+ and Hulu are getting more expensive in 2022

Apple TV+ debuted at $4.99 per month, and, for what it's worth, the company hasn't changed the price for the video streaming service. But, that doesn't mean the price points remain the same for the primary competitors out there in the wild, unfortunately. And, sure enough, another price hike is in the works for a pair of popular options.

Netflix will be getting that less expensive ad-supported option in the future

An image showing a red Netflix Logo set agains an all-black background

Netflix has been around for so long now, some folks might consider it an institution. Others, though, just another streaming option in an ocean of them. Maybe it's the streaming service's age that made executives feel like it didn't need to go the route of an ad-supported option over the years. But, times change, the competition gets fierce, and suddenly you're hoping advertisements can save the day.

ESPN+ now supports watching with others via SharePlay

SharePlay, features baked into platforms like iOS and macOS, allow users to jump into shared experiences, like watching movies and TV shows together. It supports first-party apps like Apple TV, of course, but the good news is it also supports third-party content, too. And now one more option has joined the list.

Hulu is raising prices for its on-demand plans by $1 per month

Even as these streaming services, of which there are many, continue to rake in customers, prices aren't set in stone. Which means, eventually, a price hike is probably going to happen. Hulu's no stranger to that, and now the service is doing it again, with new price plans going into effect starting in October of this year.