FixDisneyPlus lets jailbreakers bypass the Disney+ app’s requirement to update to iOS 15.3 or later

If you’re a Disney+ subscriber, then you might be a little peeved at the fact that users are required to update to iOS or iPadOS 15.3 or later to use the app. This is especially a pain point for jailbreakers.

Disney+ logo.

For this reason, iOS developer yandevelop has released a free jailbreak tweak called FixDisneyPlus that allows users on older firmware to continue using Disney+ without having to update their firmware.

These kinds of software restrictions are ridiculous because they inhibit users’ abilities to use the services they pay for without making other sacrifices. Apple plays games with firmware signing, preventing users from downgrading to version(s) of iOS or iPadOS that they want for jailbreaking purposes, and so users are left to these corporations’ beck and call when it comes to using these services.

For this reason, I think hacks like FixDisneyPlus are fantastic. They allow jailbreakers who don’t want to update to a newer firmware to have their cake and eat it too, since updating would remove their jailbreak and potentially prevent them from re-jailbreaking again in the future.

Since FixDisneyPlus is a relatively simple tweak intended to bypass a stupid software requirement that doesn’t make any sense, there isn’t much else to say apart from the fact that jailbreakers using any firmware older than iOS or iPadOS 15.3 who subscribe to Disney+ can probably benefit from it.

FixDisneyPlus isn’t yet available on any repositories, but can instead be downloaded for free from the developer’s GitHub page and then installed manually via a package manager app such as Sileo or a file manager app such as Filza.

Once you install it, you can enjoy The Mandalorian (and many other titles) on your jailbroken device again. Enjoy!

Are you planning to use Disney+ with your jailbroken handset by way of the FixDisneyPlus tweak? Let us know in the comments section down below.