Over 50% of Developers Prefer iOS, but Android is Closing Fast

A recent study has shown that over 50% of mobile developers prefer the iOS platform. Millennial Media surveyed over 500 mobile developers and advertisers and asked them what their current and future plans were in terms of mobile application development. The survey complied a pie chart of the responses, and iOS  is still on top.

Factoring iPhone and iPad, iOS made up 51% of the current development support. Android is currently being supported by less than half of the respondents. However, when asked about their development plans in 2011, mobile developers favored the Google Android platform...

Apple Reportedly Hosting a Secret iOS Developer Conference This Week

Apple is rumored to be hosting a top secret iOS developer conference in California this week. The event is supposed to start on Tuesday and run through Thursday.

Could this meeting of the minds be Apple's attempt to counteract the rise of Google's Android platform in the smartphone market? There's plenty to speculate about...

Five Question Friday: We Chit-Chat With the Developers of StarWalk

What makes one of the iPhone's most critically acclaimed app tick?  It all starts with the people who put in countless hours coding, testing, planning, and staging -- the developers.

Murad Nazaraliev -- head of development for StarWalk -- was gracious enough to sit down with us and reveal some of his team's secrets to success.  Plus he divulges info on a few new features to be on the lookout for in future updates...

App For Songwriters Comes to the iPhone

The days of being a songwriter have undoubtedly changed over time. The times of hunching over a ripped up piece of notebook paper while you ferociously scribble out and add material have come and gone for the most part.

Nowadays many writers I know use their computers for generating new material. A recent app in the App Store entitled Songwriter's Pad 1.0.1 brings music composition to the middle of your iPhone. With an already successful iPad entry, the app written by Dante Moore offers artists an opportunity to create material with a variety of tools.

Therapy Over Your iPhone?

Everyone has had times in our lives where a good hour on the couch with Dr. Shrink to help sort out the root of our inner turmoils. What if you could receive the same sort of therapeutic release by simply opening an app on your iPhone?

Ideas like that are exactly what a Business Insider article focuses on. Various accredited universities and academics discuss the development of apps designed to specifically center on whatever mental heath issue you may be dealing with. If it sounds a bit peculiar, you're right on the money...

Is Google Voice for iPhone Finally Going to Be Reinstated?

I am still kind of in disbelief about Apple's recent and sudden restriction removal regarding the App Store guidelines. Getting reports like the following from BGR make it very real in my eyes.

Sean Kovacs, the developer of GV Mobile (Google Voice Mobile), has posted a tweet that all but says the once banned application will be likely gracing the presence of the virtual store. It reads:

Apparently Adobe Cares About the iPhone Again

That didn't take along, did it? Yesterday we reported that Apple announced they were loosening the reins on the guidelines and restrictions as it relates to the App Store. The thought in our minds and apparently the mind of Adobe as well was "what does this mean for Flash and the iPhone?"

Don't believe it will happen as fast as it's being reported? TUAW has Adobe saying the following regarding Apple's new attitude:

Apple Loosens All iOS Development Restrictions, Including Flash?

It's an eery feeling when you write an article and on the same day the company you wrote about changes or modifies a policy related to the content of your story. It makes you feel like they're watching you.

We posted a story about the SDK for iOS and how the cloudy restrictive nature of the acceptance process might be hurting the creative flow of the App Store. Less than 2 hours later 9 to 5 Mac posted a statement by Apple regarding the App Store review guidelines...

What Would Things Be Like if Microsoft Had Invented the iPhone?

When I was in junior high school the only thing I knew about Apple was that they made computers with enormous floppy disk drives. The Discman was the hottest portable music player and it would cost you about $100 for the latest and greatest. Bill Gates was a nerdy guy who was also the richest man in the world.

Imagine if you will that Steve Jobs never came back to Apple and the quirky computer company died off, leaving Microsoft as the uncontested developer to produce us our technological fixes. Assume that the story plays out identical to the way it is today with Gates and company unveiling the now iPhone under the Seattle based company...

Does Apple’s SDK for iOS Kill Creativity?

I can't imagine owning an iPhone or other Apple handheld without the addition of the App Store. I've said before that I believe it to be the greatest asset to the iOS platform. So what's the problem?

Apple Investor outlines the possibility that a vague module and a totalitarian controlled acceptance process has caused developers to walk on egg shells thus stunting their creativity. Some say the terms of service are often inconsistent, but as with any report like this, there are two lines of thought to be heard...

Skyfire Submits App That Brings Real Flash Videos to Your iPhone

Anyone who has an iPhone knows that trying to watch Flash videos is just not possible. There are a few hacks and cracks that bring synthetic Flash knockoffs to your device, though the jury is still out on how well they actually work. That could be changing real soon.

Skyfire has submitted an application to the App Store that would perform a nifty little conversion and bring real Flash to your iPhone. We know that natively, the software would never get a chance to grace the presence of Apple territory, so the developers created a way to make the content compliant...

The way it works is when you click on a video that is Flash based, the app takes it from its original format and converts it to HTML 5. Such a simple sounding but brilliant idea by whoever is behind the development. HTML 5 of course is the format that Apple has regarded to be the future that eliminates Adobe's software.

The video shows off the seemingly stable app in action by loading an episode of The Daily Show. I can see Apple approving this and revering it to be the sort of example they speak of when they claim HTML 5 is the future. If only the app could make Jon Stewart consistently funny.

Will Apple approve this application or deem it too controversial? I wonder if the guy who decides will have to make a call to Steve himself. Let us know what you think of the app's presentation and concept in the comments below.