Therapy Over Your iPhone?

Everyone has had times in our lives where a good hour on the couch with Dr. Shrink to help sort out the root of our inner turmoils. What if you could receive the same sort of therapeutic release by simply opening an app on your iPhone?

Ideas like that are exactly what a Business Insider article focuses on. Various accredited universities and academics discuss the development of apps designed to specifically center on whatever mental heath issue you may be dealing with. If it sounds a bit peculiar, you’re right on the money…

By utilizing our dependency of our smartphones, the article talks about the development that goes into each application. One app that received funding from the National Institute of Health is designed to help recovering drug addicts. When the addict would approach a “risky” area of their past, the app would send a push notification of sorts that would encourage the addict to call his support network.

Another interesting app is a game that focuses on the simulation of smoking. Since the makeup of a cigarette allows it to be both a stimulant as well as a relaxer the game allows for 2 different modes. One for rapid breaths and the other for slow, deep lunged breaths. This is only the start of the ideas, folks.

Can you see this type of therapy catching on or is this just gimmickry of the times. Would you ever take our medical needs to your iPhone for care? Give us your responses in the comment box below.