Charge Your iPhone With Your T-Shirt… Seriously

So we've already shown you how to charge your iPhone over a campfire with a cooking pot, now let's look at something a little less flammable (maybe). The Orange Sound Charge is a t-shirt that actually doubles as an iPhone charger.

The folks over at TiPb discovered this interesting Orange prototype that combines innovative technology in a wearable accessory. The Sound Charge actually uses ambient noise to give your iPhone battery life. Hit the jump for a video of it in action...

Want to Know What Apple’s New Campus Will Really Look Like? [Infographic]

Uh oh, looks like someone has a bad case of the Mondays. Well, what better way to start off your week than with a charming infographic? By now you've probably all heard of Apple's new spaceship-looking building that will be built in Cupertino.

The new structure was introduced by Steve Jobs himself at a recent Cupertino City Council meeting and is slated to open by 2015. The completely circular building will house around 12,000 employees and will be created without using a single piece of straight glass. So, what will the new campus be like on the inside?

New in iOS 5: Tone Store to Download Customized Email and SMS Tones

Apple's iOS software design strategy is interesting, to say the least. For example, many people wonder why it took the company nearly a year to implement the App Store after launching the iPhone. It took another year after that to add copy/paste and picture messaging features.

Apple excluded unnecessary items in early builds of iOS, demonstrating a quality-over-quantity sort of approach to adding new features. Luckily, iOS 5 seems to be finally bringing many of those omitted functions to the iPhone. Who's been dying to change the email tone?

Nuance Voice Recognition is in iOS 5 After All

The entire tech industry watched as Scott Forstall outlined Apple's 10 most prized (or most ready) new features in iOS 5 last Monday. To everyone's surprise, the entire presentation went on without any mention of the rumored Apple/Nuance partnership.

TechCrunch and other media outlets reported multiple times last month on sources claiming that Apple and Nuance had struck a deal to bring legitimate voice recognition technology to iOS. But WWDC came and went without a word from either company...

iOS 5 1080p Export Confirms Camera Upgrade in Next-Gen iPhone

Earlier we reported that iOS 5 will give users the ability to playback video in full 1080p HD. The new feature is a welcome addition in iOS, which previously only allowed 720p media playback.

It now appears that iOS 5 will not only let you playback video in full HD, but also export it. 9to5Mac is reporting that a tipster sent them in code from the SDK showing a new 1080p video export option...

Make Your Own iPhone App, No Programming Necessary

Have you ever had an amazing idea for an iPhone application but didn't have the means to get it off the ground? Producing an iPhone app can seem like a daunting task to even the most experienced developer, so what about the folks that are just starting out?

I've been tinkering with XCode for over a year now and still can't quite make heads or tails of a lot of things. Luckily, there appears to be a few options for novices to turn ideas into apps without any programming...

Impressive iPhone 4 3D Demo, No Glasses Required

The 3D graphics effect has been done on iDevices before. Apps like Labyrinth for the iPad 2 and the Cydia 3DBoard tweak use the accelerometer in the device to manipulate graphics based on user movements. This is a neat circus trick, but the device must be moved to create the 3D effect.

Jeremie Francone and Laurence Nigay of the EHCI Research group have created an impressive tech demo of 3 dimensional graphics on the iPhone 4. Instead of using the accelerometer, they use the device's front facing camera. How's that possible?

Improving Apps: How You Can Help

There are few things more frustrating than discovering a bug or a crash in an app or tweak you just downloaded. But instead of writing a poor review or swearing off the iPhone altogether, you can actually do something to help fix the problem.

Most developers encourage feedback and would like to pinpoint the exact problem so that they can increase their sales. Here are a few steps you can take to help developers quickly fix their apps so that you can use your apps in the way they are described to work.

One Change that Would Make Cydia Better

For those of you running a tethered jailbreak, how many times have you installed a package while away from home only to find out a reboot is required? All of a sudden you're left with a device with zero functionality that just drains the battery until you get home.

While we wait for Cydia to get some great new features that may bring transparency and uniformity, here's a simple idea that would solve this annoyance...

Camera+ is Back in The App Store

The Camera+ fiasco has been an interesting one to follow. The popular photography app was a sensation when it was first released in the App Store. Then, it was pulled. Just like that. The app was updated with a backdoor to allow a volume button camera shutter, which apparently Apple didn't like.

At the time of it being pulled, Camera+ was considered the crème de la crème of photography apps. Most felt as though Apple should have lightened up on Camera+ by not pulling the app for simply adding a cool and innovative feature. The problem was that Camera+ violated Apple's guidelines on how an app can interface with the iPhone's controls.

We recently reported that Camera+ had announced that its return to the App Store would be very soon. After many months of silence, Camera+ is back and better than ever...

What Is An iPhone UDID?

The term "UDID" is occasionally thrown around when discussing privacy or development topics concerning the iPhone. I'm sure that we all don't know what "UDID" stands for, so I thought I would explain the purpose of a UDID.

A UDID, or "Unique Device Identifier," is simply a specific serial number for your iDevice. There are multiple advantages to having this device-specific serial, but it mainly serves as a way to document the existence of your device and to track it.

Think of your iPhone's UDID as its social security number. It is a 40-number, alphanumeric string that is not replicated on any other iDevice...

Over 50% of Developers Prefer iOS, but Android is Closing Fast

A recent study has shown that over 50% of mobile developers prefer the iOS platform. Millennial Media surveyed over 500 mobile developers and advertisers and asked them what their current and future plans were in terms of mobile application development. The survey complied a pie chart of the responses, and iOS  is still on top.

Factoring iPhone and iPad, iOS made up 51% of the current development support. Android is currently being supported by less than half of the respondents. However, when asked about their development plans in 2011, mobile developers favored the Google Android platform...