iOS 5 1080p Export Confirms Camera Upgrade in Next-Gen iPhone

Earlier we reported that iOS 5 will give users the ability to playback video in full 1080p HD. The new feature is a welcome addition in iOS, which previously only allowed 720p media playback.

It now appears that iOS 5 will not only let you playback video in full HD, but also export it. 9to5Mac is reporting that a tipster sent them in code from the SDK showing a new 1080p video export option…

Buried deep in the iOS 5 software development kit is a media framework that now allows video to be exported in 1920×1080 resolution, or full HD. Previously, programmers were only able to export video content in 720p.

The code was found in the export preset strings of AVAsset, a class that allows developers to create and manipulate media files such as video and sound. Why would they change the video export setting to 1080p if the iPhone 4’s camera only captures video in 720p?


This discovery all but confirms the recent speculation that the next iPhone will sport a better camera. Add this to the recent reports that Apple has been ordering a slew of 8MP camera sensors, and it’s really hard to ignore the writing on the wall.

Though many have expressed fear that the added megapixels will produce unwanted noise from the tiny sensor, I don’t see Apple implementing a better camera without confirming its advantages.

Combined with the new iOS 5 camera enhancements, Apple’s really giving iPhone-toters a reason to toss out their remaining point-and-shoots. If you think that’s a stretch, please point me to the nearest retailer where I can purchase the latest Flip video camera.

Do you use your iPhone as your main digital/video camera? Would you use it more if it had a higher resolution?