Apple Taps OmniVision to Provide 8MP Camera Sensors for iPhone 5

The time for Apple to announce a new iPhone at this year’s developer’s conference has come, and gone. The rumors of a delayed iPhone refresh rang true this week, as no new hardware was unveiled during the keynote.

While we’re growing tired of these supply chain rumors, each bit of gossip helps to paint a picture of what Apple’s next generation smartphone may look like. The most recent tidbit aligns with previous suggestions that the iPhone 5 will house a better camera…

It seems that DigiTimes has gotten word that OmniVision has just secured a significant order of 8-megapixel CMOS image sensors for the Cupertino company. In fact, the company is said to be responsible for 90% of Apple’s major sensor order for the iPhone 5.

Who’s got the other 10%? The Taiwan-based site is reporting that Sony will be filling the rest of Apple’s order. For folks that don’t recall, Sony’s loose-lipped CEO commented earlier this year that they were building 8MP sensors for the next iPhone.

These rumors bode well for folks hoping to see camera quality improve in the next iPhone model. They also suggest that things are running smoothly for the Mac-makers, and that their next-gen smartphone should meet their purposed fall deadline.

While I have no complaint about the iPhone 4’s picture quality, a few extra megapixels never hurt anybody.

What do you think? Does the next iPhone need an 8MP camera?