Apple announces all-new SDK for developers

Apple chief executive Tim Cook was on stage at the WWDC keynote today to announce a brand new SDK, or software development kit, for iOS developers. Cook described the new SDK as the biggest release since the launch of the App Store. It contains several new features for iOS that developers can take advantage of, including 4000 new APIs and an app communication framework called Extensibility… 

Learn to create apps with ‘Try iOS’ coding course

Mobile app development is quickly becoming one of the hottest industries to be in these days. Everywhere you look it seems like there are more and more developers becoming overnight millionaires.

There are a number of options available, outside of college, for folks looking to learn how to develop applications. But they can be difficult to follow, and some are expensive. Enter Try iOS...

Apple looking to make iOS app creation easier with new authoring tool

AppleInsider spotted an interesting patent application this morning entitled 'Content Configuration for Device Platforms.' The document was filed by Apple on December 15th of last year.

The patent describes a piece of software that would help non-programmers develop iOS applications. Remember the iBooks authoring tool Apple released back in January? Yeah, this is a lot like that...

Porting Siri to the iPhone 4 Will Require Piracy

Last week we broke the news that jailbreak hacker iH8sn0w was actively working on bringing Siri to iDevices like the 4G iPod touch and iPhone 4. This got a lot of people excited at the possibility of getting access to Siri's artificial intelligence without having to upgrade to the iPhone 4S.

This morning, the Dev Team's MuscleNerd sent out a tweet saying that porting Siri to the iPhone 4 or any other iDevice would most likely require piracy, something that the Dev Team has always refused to do...

If a 7-Year-Old Can Develop an iPhone App, So Can You

We've all had great ideas, or at least ideas that we thought were great. The problem is taking those ideas and turning them into real, physical products. It's the age-old problem that we've all experienced, and countless great apps, games, and hardware products have never been built thanks to simple laziness.

We need to push on regardless, and that's just what Connor, a 7-year -old iOS developer has done...

Cupertino Releases Plans for Apple’s Awesome New Campus

What do you do if you have $75 billion dollars in the bank, and your company is growing so fast that you can't find a big enough area to house your operations?

That's easy, you design and construct a seemingly stadium-sized building out of pure glass to send a message that your company is innovative and that money isn't an object. And that's exactly what Apple's doing...

More White iPod Touch Parts Surface

Last week we brought you some photos, published by 9to5Mac, of a possible next-gen iPod Touch part. The piece was particularly interesting because it was white. As you might know, previous versions of the iPod Touch have always been black with a stainless steel backing.

Now, the same blog that brought us the original photos of the white iPod Touch casing has gotten its hands on more pictures. While the original snapshots were taken in Asian, close to Apple's manufacturing plants, these new pics come from here in America...

iPhone Nano: Why it’s Becoming a Serious Possiblity

Judging by the latest round of iDevice rumors, Apple could really be looking to shake things up this Fall. Instead of their typical refresh of the stand-alone iPhone model, many folks are expecting the Cupertino company to unveil two new smartphone devices.

One model is expected to be a feature-packed high-end device, and the other, a supplemental "iPhone Nano" model for the low-end market. We've been hearing the iPhone Nano rumors for quite a while now, and have even started a few of our own.

But even with the mounds of evidence suggesting the device is in the works, it still seems inconceivable that Apple would break its tradition of producing high quality, expensive products. Or does it?

Facebook’s Project Spartan to Hit iOS Within the Next Month

Facebook went live with the media this morning from their Palo Alto headquarters to make good on Mark Zuckerberg's promise last week that his company would be making some "awesome" announcements. Though Skype-integrated video chat looks cool, iDB feels that the best has yet to come.

Remember that little Facebook endeavor we told you about a few weeks ago code-named Project Spartan? The HTML5-coded platform is nearing completion and could be available to the masses as early as the end of the month... 

Evidence Surfaces in iOS 5 that Apple is Still Working on Maps App

I have to admit, after all the evidence we've seen over the last several months, I was a little surprised that we didn't see any kind of major improvements to the Map app in iOS 5. Apple has purchased multiple GPS software companies in the last few years, including PlaceBase and Poly9.

But even though there were no significant Map announcements at WWDC, there's still hope. Apple's developer's conference only gave us a "sneak peak"  at 10 items from a list of over 200 improvements, so it's very possible that we may still see Maps get a revamp this fall...

Apple Looking to Launch iOS-Powered TV Set This Fall?

Though the Apple TV2 is doing much better than its predecessor, ATV2 sales are anything but spectacular compared to Apple's other products. The device has been labeled by Apple as "just a hobby," but there is new evidence suggesting that the Cupertino company may be starting to get serious about taking over our living rooms.

Daily Tech is reporting that they have heard on good authority that Apple is looking to replace the Apple TV line this fall with an entirely new product. Their source, a former Apple executive, is claiming that soon we will be able to walk into an Apple store, and walk out with a TV set...