New iOSOpenDev App Will Make Developing Jailbreak Apps Much Easier

Folks who have been wanting to get into developing jailbreak apps and tweaks will be happy to know that the process is about to get a whole lot easier.

ModMyi is reporting that users will soon be able to develop jailbreak packages using Apple’s easy-to-understand Xcode interface…

From ModMyi:

“A developer named Spencer James is nearing release of his project iOSOpenDev, which “sets up user environment, Xcode, and iOS SDK for ‘open’ development.” The project will come with Xcode templates for creating common types of jailbreak tweaks, including Activator listeners, command line tools, dynamic libraries, Notification Center widgets, SBSettings toggles, and Mobile Substrate tweaks. It will even build .deb files of the completed projects for when a developer wants to submit to Cydia for publication.”

This is huge news for anyone who has a little bit of programming knowledge, and wants to try their hand at creating jailbreak packages. James is thinking that iOSOpenDev should be available in the next week or so.