Apple closing TestFlight for new iTunes Connect-based system


Apple has begun sending emails to inform legacy TestFlight users that the service will be closing down on February 26, 2015, following Apple’s purchase of TestFlight’s parent company close to a year ago.

Apple is moving users to its all-new TestFlight Beta Testing found in iTunes Connect. Apps won’t be instantly transferred to the new service, app developers will need to set up their apps for the new TestFlight Beta Testing in iTunes Connect.

Furthermore, from the People tab on the Dashboard, team leaders and developers can use the Action menu to export their tester’s contact information into a CSV file. The exported CSV file can then be imported into iTunes Connect.

TestFlight allows developers to invite people to test their app, since Apple doesn’t allow beta versions of software on its App Store. The new TestFlight system in iTunes Connect will be available to anyone who pays the $99 fee to be a part of the Apple Developer Program.

Source: TestFlight