How to speed up tasks with Automator and Calendar Alarms on Mac

Create New Automator Calendar Alarm

Automating tasks is a terrific way to get things done faster. One thing you can do is set your Mac Calendar to automatically open a file for you when an event starts. And you can do this right in the Calendar app itself. But what if you want to open an app for taking notes, add a reminder to your list, or to start your day quicker?

We’ll show you some handy ways to use the Calendar Alarms feature in Mac Automator to speed up those types of tasks.

How to move, copy or duplicate Calendar events to another calendar

Calendar Move Copy Duplicate Event Mac

One nice thing about the Calendar app is that you can connect multiple calendars to it. So if you use Google Calendar or Exchange, for instance, you can access those along with iCloud Calendar in the same app.

But with multiple calendar access can come difficulty organizing events. You might add an event only to realize it’s in the wrong calendar account. At the same time, you may want an event to show up on more than one calendar, so copying or duplicating the event would be useful.

To help you do all three, move, copy, and duplicate events, we’ve compiled this helpful tutorial.

Keyboard shortcuts for Calendar on Mac

iMac keyboard iPad Calendar - Calendar keyboard shortcuts

The Calendar app is another handy tool to have on your Mac. And with it, comes a list of helpful keyboard shortcuts.

For changing the view, jumping to a day, week, or month, and creating or editing events quickly, check out these keyboard shortcuts for Calendar on Mac.

How to customize Calendar notifications on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Calendar Alert Times iPhone

There are plenty of great features in the Calendar app. You can integrate with other calendar services, easily invite people to events, and attach files and notes to meetings and appointments. And of course, you can receive notifications.

The thing about the notifications in the Calendar app is that they are more flexible than many probably realize. You can receive more than one alert for a single event, create Travel Time notifications, and set up custom alerts on Mac.

For both iOS and Mac, we want to make sure that you’re taking advantage of all you can do. So, here’s how to customize and effectively use Calendar notifications.

How to set up time blocking in the Calendar app

Calendar Mac Time Block Work Week

It can be so difficult to accomplish everything you need to in a workday. It’s hard enough when you work in a physical office. But if you turn to a home office, your workflow changes and it can be even more difficult to stay on track.

One productivity method that many swear by is time blocking, sometimes called calendar blocking. With this technique, you plan your entire day, including personal time, put it all on your calendar, and stick to it.

Time blocking isn’t for everyone. So, if you’re willing to give it a try for a better way to manage your time as well as see where all those hours go, we’ll show you how to set up time blocking in the Calendar app.

How to merge multiple iCloud calendars into one on Mac

Merge iCloud Calendars on Mac

Do you have two or more iCloud calendars that would be better as just one? Maybe you have one for Home and another for Family that you can turn into one. Or, one for Personal and another for My Stuff that could easily be one calendar.

You can easily merge iCloud calendars into a single one in the Calendar app on Mac. We’ll show you how.

What do the Calendar symbols on Mac mean?

Calendar Mac Month March

Symbols are characters used as depictions or indicators to let us know a meaning in a visual form. We see them everywhere, including the Calendar app on Mac. And while most times symbols are obvious in what they represent, there are other times when we scratch our heads.

For a clearer understanding of what all the Calendar symbols on Mac mean, we’ve put together explanations and screenshots to help you decipher what you see.

How to add and use locations for Calendar events

Mac Calendar With Location on Map

You can do a lot more by adding the location to your Calendar event than just see where you need to go. Why not get directions, receive an alert when it’s time to leave, and view your event location plotted on a map? This is not just handy for you, but for those you invite to your events too.

Here’s how to add locations to your events in the Calendar app and how to do more with them.

How to use the availability feature in Calendar on Mac

Calendar Mac Year View

If you use the Calendar app on Mac and have various accounts set up in it like Google or Exchange, then you have access to a cool availability feature. This lets you check the open times for those you invite to your events.

In addition to that convenience, you can decide if you want those accounts of your own to affect your availability.

If you haven’t checked out the availability options in Calendar on Mac, we’ll show you how.

Kalm is a more informative Lock screen for pwned iPhones

The iOS Lock screen has received a plethora of subtle design changes over the years, but they haven’t been quite as audacious as some users would like to see, and personally, I’d like to see more of my most pertinent information directly on my Lock screen every morning without having to swipe anywhere.

If you’re onboard with this train of thought, then I think you’ll enjoy a newly released jailbreak tweak called Kalm by iOS developer ubik. Kalm brings a beautiful new information-oriented display to your iOS device’s Lock screen, permitting you to see more of what’s going on at a glance with substantially less interaction on your part.