How to attach documents to Calendar events on iPhone and iPad

Attach document to Calendar event iPhone

You might use your Calendar on iPhone and iPad for work in addition to personal events. So having the ability to attach documents to those calendar events can be quite handy, especially for business.

Before iOS 13, there wasn’t a way to do this except for using the notes section or adding a URL. But thankfully one of the features Apple added to the Calendar app is the ability to attach documents to calendar events. And it couldn’t be easier.

How to send your availability in Outlook on iPhone and iPad

Outlook iOS Email Availability

If you choose to use Outlook as your preferred email app on iPhone or iPad, then you already know it has some handy features. Outlook offers a dedicated search tab for finding messages and files easily and a built-in calendar for quick views at your schedule.

In addition to the features you use all the time, you can share your availability with a tap. This is convenient for scheduling meetings or events with others. If you’re new to this feature, we’re here to help. Here’s how to send your availability in Outlook for iOS.

How to quickly snooze Calendar alerts for longer than 15 minutes on Mac

Calendar Event Alert Mac

It’s handy to use alerts for your Calendar events, especially if you’re working on your Mac and don’t have your iPhone nearby. Those convenient reminders let you know when you need to get ready to leave.

By default, when you click Snooze for a Calendar alert, it will pop up again in 15 minutes. While this might be fine in some instances, it can be annoying in others. You might want that snooze to be for a longer period of time instead of popping up every 15 minutes until your event starts.

Here’s how to quickly snooze your Calendar events for longer than 15 minutes on your Mac.

Manta: An uncompromising unified Lock screen experience for jailbroken iPhones

One thing I’ve long wanted from iOS, but still don’t have to this very day, is a fully-integrated Lock screen experience, complete with notifications, weather information, and widgets in addition to the expected date and time indicator.

While the Today page is a compromising feature on Apple’s behalf, it still doesn’t provide that unified experience I’ve wanted for so long. Fortunately, a newly-released jailbreak tweak called Manta by iOS developer Ben Giannis addresses my complaints with the stock iOS Lock screen, and it does so in an incredibly pleasant manner.

Shenmue ensures that you won’t forget upcoming plans or events ever again

Lots of people pack their iOS handsets’ Calendar app with upcoming plans and events, and we find it particularly alarming that Apple still doesn’t persistently display those plans and events on the Lock screen to prevent users from forgetting about them as the week goes on.

Given the circumstances, we’re particularly excited to show you a newly-released and free jailbreak tweak called Shenmue by iOS developer maximehip, which resolves the aforementioned problem by displaying a specialized event widget on the Lock screen with a persistent reminder regarding what’s still to come.

How to use iCloud Calendar and Alexa on your Amazon Echo speaker

Calendar on Mac

Some time ago, Amazon announced the integration of iCloud Calendar and its Amazon Echo speakers. And if you owned both an iPhone and Amazon smart speaker then, you may already use this handy feature. But if you’re new to the combination of iPhone and Alexa, this tutorial is for you.

What better way to take advantage of your Amazon Echo than to manage your events and appointments? Here’s how to use iCloud Calendar and Alexa on your Amazon Echo speaker.

How to enable and use Personal Requests for Siri on HomePod

Personal Requests Enabled on iPhone

Using Personal Requests with Siri on your HomePod, you can send text messages, call your contacts, check your calendar, and create notes and reminders. This is a very convenient way to use your Apple smart speaker because you don’t have to lift a finger to do any of these things.

If you’re interested in setting this up, here’s how to enable and use Personal Requests for Siri on HomePod.

How to set the Calendar app to start on Monday instead of Sunday

Calendar on Mac Week Starts on Monday

When you use the Calendar app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, does your week automatically start on Sunday when you would rather it didn’t? In the United States, the default start day of the week for the Calendar is Sunday. But in other countries, the start day may be a different day like Monday.

Not to worry, this tutorial shows you how to set the Calendar app to start on Monday (or any day) instead of Sunday.