How to propose a new time for a Calendar event invitation

Propose New Time for Calendar Event on iPhone

When you receive an event invitation, you may have a conflict with the date or time. In the Calendar app, you can propose a new time to the event organizer. This saves you from phone calls or the back and forth via email to reschedule the event. You can propose a new time before or after you accept the event invitation.

Here, we’ll show you how to use the built-in feature for proposing a new time for a Calendar event. And we’ll walk you through it on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

How to work with all-day and multi-day events in Calendar

Calendar Year View on Mac

As we all know, events don’t always last an hour or two. A holiday, anniversary, or birthday lasts all day long. Vacations, getaways, and conferences can last days or even weeks. So when you want to add an all-day or multi-day event to Calendar, you’ll need to do it the right way to avoid overlap, confusion, or mistakes.

Here, we’ll show you how to create and edit all-day and multi-day events in the Calendar app.

Make better use of all the empty space in the iPad’s Control Center with Yuna

The iPad offers the same useful Control Center interface that the iPhone and iPod touch do, and while that’s great, it’s also the biggest problem.

While Control Center’s features are both convenient and useful, the issue I take with the interface on the iPad is that it leaves so much screen real estate unused. In fact, it’s literally an iPhone’s Control Center interface crammed at the edge of the iPad’s large display.

Miss iOS 13’s wheel-based date picker? This jailbreak tweak ports it to iOS 14

If you ever set up alarms in your iPhone’s native Clock app or upcoming events in the Calendar app, then you’re probably used to having to enter a specific time and date for those types of configurations.

As many noticed, iOS & iPadOS 14 have replaced the traditional wheel-style date selector with an inline version that displays a combo box for the time and a full-blown calendar picker for the date. While some really like this new inline selector, others aren’t used to it and have found it to be more cumbersome.

How to stop sharing calendars in the Calendar app

Calendar lists on iPhone

The ability to share a calendar comes in handy for work and personal events. And the Calendar app makes sharing simple on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. But what happens when you want to stop sharing your calendar? Maybe it’s a work calendar and your coworker left the company or a personal calendar you only shared for a short time, like vacation plans.

Here, we’ll show you how to stop sharing a calendar in the Calendar app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to snooze Calendar notifications on macOS Big Sur

Snooze Calendar Event on MacBook Screen

If you use the Calendar app on your Mac, then you may have enjoyed the ability to snooze calendar notifications for a time you select. While the app defaulted to 15 minutes, you could simply click and hold the snooze button to pick a different time.

But not anymore!

With macOS Big Sur, you are no longer able to select the amount of time for your snooze. Here’s how Calendar notifications work now.

How to keep track of birthdays on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Birthday Reminder App on iPhone with Calendar

It’s always nice when someone remembers your birthday. Facebook has a handy feature for letting you know when one of your friends has a birthday, but not everybody uses that particular social network (believe it or not). So if you want to make sure you don’t forget your grandma’s 98th birthday or your niece’s second, you may need a little help.

Here, we’ll show you two great ways to keep track of birthdays on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. You can then be sure to grab that birthday card or make that phone call to say “Happy Birthday” to someone special when the time rolls around.

How to schedule an email in the Mac Mail app with Automator

Schedule Mail in Automator on Mac

While it seems like a simple request, many of us are still waiting for a "send later" feature in the Mail app. Having the ability to compose your email and schedule a time for it to be sent is wonderful for both business emails and personal ones.

For work, you might be diligent about managing your time and work on emails at a specific time each day. So writing them up and scheduling a time to send them is not just convenient, but essential. For personal emails, you might create messages for birthdays, anniversaries, or other occasions ahead of time. Being able to schedule those keeps you from forgetting to send them when the time comes.

Until Apple adds a feature to Mail that lets us send emails later, you have a few options. The one we’ll show you here is how to use Automator on Mac to schedule Mail.

Velaris is the Home Screen user experience that all jailbreakers deserve

Apple’s new iOS 14 update is jam-packed with enticing new features that offer a strong argument for upgrading from a jailbroken iOS 13 device. But as veteran jailbreakers will say, it’s generally better to stick with the jailbroken device, even if the firmware isn’t the ‘latest and greatest.’

A newly released jailbreak tweak called Velaris by iOS developer Ben Giannis provides an stout example of why that’s the case. As depicted in the screenshot examples above, Velaris upgrades the iPhone’s Home Screen interface by incorporating alarm, calendar, and weather information in an aesthetically-pleasing manner — in fact, it looks so good that some might even prefer it over iOS 14’s new Home Screen widgets.

How to edit Calendar colors on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Calendar iPhone Edit Color

You don’t have to be termed as a visual person to appreciate color coding. Assigning colors to things can help you spot what you want faster. So the Calendar app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac gives you this option. When you apply a color to a calendar, every event on that calendar will display in that color. This is useful if you use multiple calendars.

You may not have taken the time to set it up, or maybe you’re new to Calendar. Here, we’ll show you how to edit and assign colors for your calendars in the Calendar app on iOS and macOS.

How to create, edit and delete repeating events in Calendar

Repeating Calendar events on iPhone

Events come in all shapes and sizes, from those that happen only once to others that take place regularly. Things such as business meetings, school courses, or continuing education classes are all perfect examples of recurring events.

So if you have an update meeting with your team every Monday at 8 AM, why take the time to add this to your calendar every single week when you can create a repeating event. The nice thing about using Apple’s Calendar for regularly scheduled events is that you have a lot of options and flexibility.

Whether you’re completely new to the Calendar app or simply haven’t checked out the features for recurring events, this tutorial is for you! Here’s how to create, modify, and cancel repeating events in the Calendar.

How to use the redesigned date and time picker in iOS and iPadOS 14

Enhanced Date Time Picker Calendar iPad

Sometimes it’s those small improvements that make a big difference. With iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, Apple updated the date (calendar) picker that you use in apps like Reminders and Calendar. No longer do you have to spin the wheel to choose your date and time.

This enhancement lets you select the exact date and time much quicker with a clearer view and simpler method of selection. Here, we’ll show you what’s new with and how to use the redesigned date picker on iPhone and iPad.