How to snooze Calendar notifications on macOS Big Sur

If you use the Calendar app on your Mac, then you may have enjoyed the ability to snooze calendar notifications for a time you select. While the app defaulted to 15 minutes, you could simply click and hold the snooze button to pick a different time.

But not anymore!

With macOS Big Sur, you are no longer able to select the amount of time for your snooze. Here’s how Calendar notifications work now.

Snoozing Calendar events on Mac

When you receive a Calendar alert for your event, you have a Snooze button like before. This button appears with both Banner and Alert style notifications. But you’ll notice that clicking and holding that button does nothing.

If you simply click the Snooze button, you’ll be reminded of your event in five minutes. And unfortunately that is your only snooze option from the notification banner itself. The same occurs of you click the arrow on the top right of the notification to expand it and click Snooze from there.

Snooze Calendar Event Options on Mac

If you want to set a specific time to be reminded of your event again, you can click the event name in the notification, which opens it in the Calendar, and pick a new Alert time there. This is exactly the same as setting up the notification timing to begin with.

Calendar Event Alert Time Options on Mac

Why the change? No one seems to know for sure as of this writing. And if you visit the Apple Community forums, you’ll see plenty of users questioning this move by Apple. Some users have gone back to macOS Catalina or opted for a different calendar app.

Hopefully Apple will put back the option to pick a snooze time for Calendar notifications in a future Mac update. But as of macOS Big Sur 11.1, it remains the same.

What do you think of this change to Calendar notifications on Mac? Is the pick-a-snooze-time feature something you used often and are upset to go without it? Or do you rarely use the snooze feature to begin with and aren’t concerned about it either way?

Share your thoughts in the comments. And if Apple does update the Calendar app on Mac to allow for different snooze times, we’ll let you know!