The best apps for kids’ books on iPhone and iPad

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If you have a child who enjoys reading, maybe you're using some of the apps we recommended to help them learn, then you’ll want to take a look at this app list. We’ve gathered some of the best apps for kids’ books for iPhone and iPad.

These apps provide books just for your little one. So whether they’re interested in animals, TV characters, vehicles, or something totally different, you’ll find books for them. This helps to foster their love of reading and keeps them entertained with something they enjoy.

To keep your child interested in reading, improving their reading skills, and show them that a book can be a wonderful tool to encourage their imagination, check out these apps for kids’ books.

How to stop Audiobooks from automatically downloading to Apple Watch

Audiobooks app Apple Watch

When Apple introduced the Audiobooks app on Apple Watch with watchOS 6, it was another great addition to the wearable. You can listen to your books on a walk, run, or while working out instead of music.

But like music, books take up space. And you might not realize that your Watch automatically downloads Audiobooks when it’s charging. While this may be fine for some, it may not be okay for others. If you’re one of the "others," we’ll show you how to stop Audiobooks from automatically downloading to your Apple Watch.

How to set a sleep timer for an audiobook in the Apple Books app

Set Sleep Timer Books app iPad

It’s one thing to fall asleep listening to music or relaxing sounds. But nodding off while listening to an audiobook is as bad as falling asleep during a movie. What did you miss? Are you going to start it over? Do you remember where you left off before catching those Z’s?

To make sure you don’t miss a thing with your audiobook, you can set a sleep timer in the Books app. You have flexible options and this way you’ll know right where you left off. Plus, the book won’t keep on playing while you’re sawing logs.

Here’s how to set a sleep timer for an audiobook in the Books app on both iOS and Mac.