Apple Books offers free stay-at-home read-alongs for kids, cozy mysteries and audiobooks

Apple is offering a timely stay-at-home collection of free read-alongs for kids, cozy mysteries and audiobooks for the whole family on its Apple Books service.

As reported yesterday by Bradley Chambers of 9to5Mac, Apple earlier that day pushed out a notification to users to inform them of its free promotion currently running on Apple Books.

Some of the titles included in this promotion:

This is a great opportunity to build up your library of books to read.

You can browse the entire collection by launching the Apple Books app on your iPhone or iPad, then choose the Book Store and scroll until you reach the section with the heading “Free books for everyone”. Simply tap that banner and you’ll land on the “Free Books” collection.

Is there Catch 22?

According to Chambers, many of the freebies are the first title in a series, basically meaning that this collection “is a great way to sample a series before purchasing the entire thing.”

Browse the entire stay-at-home collection of free titles on Apple Books.