Apple Cash

Apple Cash Instant Transfer now supports Mastercard debit cards

A handy feature for folks using the Apple Card is Daily Cash Back. This will automatically deposit your earned cash back from purchases onto the Apple Cash card saved in your Wallet. From there, you can choose to use those funds to help pay down the Apple Card's balance, pay for items when using Apple Pay, or transfer the money to a bank.

How to set up Apple Cash Family on iPhone

Apple Cash Family Start Now

For rewarding your child, giving them their allowance, and letting them make a purchase, you can use Apple Cash Family. This feature arrived with iOS 14 as a way for parents to digitally send money to their children and teens.

This is convenient for families who don’t walk around with wads of cash, whose kids use their money for apps or games, or spend money in stores; all with their parent’s permission of course. Here, we’ll show you the requirements for using and how to set up Apple Cash Family.

How to quickly cancel a payment you make with Apple Cash

Cancel Apple Cash payment

Apple Cash is a terrific way to instantly send money to friends and family from your iOS device or Apple Watch. You can pay back what you borrowed, loan money, or request money from someone who owes you. But what happens if you send someone money and want it back?

Maybe you loaned them more than they need, or maybe you discover you don’t have the extra to lend. Whatever the reason, you can cancel a payment you make with Apple Cash if they haven’t accepted the payment yet. Here’s how.

How to view your Apple Cash transactions on iPhone

View Apple Cash Transactions on iPhone

If you just started using Apple Cash to send or receive money, you’re going to want to keep up with your activity. Check on money you’ve sent to others, see if someone sent money to you, and make sure your transactions look correct.

Here are a few ways to view your Apple Cash transactions on iPhone.

How to set up and send money with Apple Cash

Pay with Apple Pay Siri

For the fastest way to loan money to a friend or pay them back after borrowing some yourself, you can use Apple Cash, formerly named Apple Pay Cash. Once you set it up, you can send money to your contacts or request money from them via the Messages app. The service has been around for a while, but there are still many who haven’t taken it for a spin yet.

If you fall into this category, this tutorial shows you how to set up and send money with Apple Cash.