Trademark approvals suggest that Apple Card and Apple Cash could one day launch in Canada

New evidence that Apple Card might launch in Canada one day: the country’s government has officially approved the company’s trademark filings for “Apple Cash” and “Apple Card”.

The iPhone in Canada reports that the government of Canada has recently approved both trademark filings. Apple applied for these trademarks in July 2019. Trademark documentation lists Apple Inc. as the applicant, with the filings completed by agent Baker & McKenzie LLP.

The Apple Card is currently exclusive to the United States.

An Apple image showing the Wallet app on an iPhone along with a physical titanium card

Here are the links to the approved trademarks:

One thing to note: Canadians are advised against interpreting this as a sign that the Apple Card or Apple Cash launch in Canada is imminent. That’s because the Cupertino company has yet to meet the country’s significant financial regulatory demands.

When will Apple Card launch outside the US?

Now that both of these trademarks have been approved, and taking into account other hints, the question is arising as to when Canadians might be able to use the Apple Card and the Apple Cash service. There’s no doubt that the Apple Card probably needs to overcome the country’s financial regulatory hurdles before it’s allowed to launch.

The Apple Card launched in the United States in August 2019. The product has yet to expand to other countries. As for Apple Cash, this is Apple’s financial product for direct payments between individuals. The service is supported in the Messages app on the iPhone and Apple Watch, but it too is limited to the United States.

Apple Card family sharing in the works

Apple may also be working on a family sharing option for Apple Card holders.

This has appeared as an option in the iOS 14.5 update, which was released for developer testing this week ahead of its public launch around the spring.

As we reported, this will let Apple Card track spending, invite family members to share the card and more. Multi-user support for the Apple Card takes advantage of Apple’s existing Family Sharing system for easy sharing of content purchases and subscriptions with family members.