Apple Card may get multi-user accounts soon with ‘Apple Card Family’ feature

One of the things the Apple Card was missing at launch is multi-user support, or the ability to have multiple people use the same credit line. But it looks like Apple is looking to change that in the near future.

Following Apple’s decision to seed the developer beta of iOS 14.5 today, 9to5Mac has discovered something interesting in the code. It’s a hint that Apple is working on a new “Apple Card Family” feature for the credit card. This feature, if Apple launches it to the public, will allow for multi-user support with the same credit line. It’s labeled “Madison” internally.

This feature will make it possible for the same family to share the same Apple Card for purchases. This will be handled through iCloud Family Sharing, as one might expect. The Apple Card account owner will be able to invite others to share the card, and they will be able to track spending in the Wallet app.

Per the report:

Share your Apple Card with eligible friends and family in your family group. Build credit together, track spending, and receive Daily Cash.

What’s more, the account owner will also be able to set a spending limit per person. And once the feature goes live, it will support users 13 years old and older. Parents will be able to control their children’s spending as well.

This has been an oft-requested feature for Apple’s credit card, so it’s good to see it arrive in the near future. Not that we know when this feature will go live, mind you.