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How to set up and play Spotify on Alexa

Amazon Alexa Linked to Spotify

If you enjoy listening to music on your devices, then you may have more than one app for it. Apple Music is a terrific choice that lets you play songs and playlists on any of your Apple devices. But Spotify is another great option for hearing the tunes you love.

With Alexa, you can easily tune in and turn on your Spotify music. Whether on your iPhone or Amazon smart speaker, here’s how to set up and play Spotify music with Alexa.

How to play Apple Podcasts on Alexa and Amazon Echo

Alexa Apple Podcasts Skill iPhone

We’ve covered a few helpful articles for using Alexa and Amazon smart speakers with Apple services like Apple Music and iCloud Calendar. And now we’ll show you one more; how to play Apple Podcasts with Alexa.

If you own an Amazon speaker instead of a HomePod, like the Amazon Echo, then this is super handy. You can listen to the Apple Podcasts that you subscribe to while making dinner, changing a diaper, or folding laundry because you don’t need to pick up your Apple device.