How to play Apple Podcasts on Alexa and Amazon Echo

Alexa Apple Podcasts Skill iPhone

We’ve covered a few helpful articles for using Alexa and Amazon smart speakers with Apple services like Apple Music and iCloud Calendar. And now we’ll show you one more; how to play Apple Podcasts with Alexa.

If you own an Amazon speaker instead of a HomePod, like the Amazon Echo, then this is super handy. You can listen to the Apple Podcasts that you subscribe to while making dinner, changing a diaper, or folding laundry because you don’t need to pick up your Apple device.

Get the Alexa skill for Apple Podcasts

The first thing you need to do is grab the Apple Podcasts skill for Alexa. So open up your Amazon Alexa app and then follow these steps.

1) Tap the menu button on the top left and select Skills & Games.

2) Using the search at the top, enter “Apple Podcasts”. You can also use this direct link to the Apple Podcasts skill on Amazon if you’re on your device.

Alexa Search Apple Podcasts iPhone

3) Select the Apple Podcasts skill from the results and then tap Enable to Use. If you’re asked to link your account, just follow the prompts.

4) Once enabled, you can tap the arrow at the top to head back or take a moment to check some phrases to use in the Start By Saying section.

Alexa with Apple Podcasts iPhone

You can give Alexa commands like:

“Alexa, play Let’s Talk iOS on Apple Podcasts”

“Alexa, resume Let’s Talk iOS on Apple Podcasts”

“Alexa, pause”

“Alexa, resume”

Do more with Amazon Alexa and Apple

For additional ways to connect your Apple services or other apps with Alexa, or for more help with Amazon Alexa itself, check out these tutorials.

Wrapping it up

If you own an Amazon smart speaker, then you might as well use it in as many ways as you can, right? The new Apple Podcasts skill is just another way to enjoy your speaker and your podcasts from any room in your home.

Do you use Alexa to connect to your apps or other Apple services? If so, which are your favorite skills? Let us know below!