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Apple delays Podcast subscriptions until June

Along with the launch of iOS 14.6 earlier this month, Apple was supposed to welcome subscriptions for podcasts.

But, it turns out there will be a bit of a delay before the feature actually goes live. As reported today by MacRumors, Apple has notified content creators that it is delaying the podcast subscription feature until sometime in June. The reason? Apple wants a good experience for everyone involved.

Apple announces new podcast subscription service

Among its barrage of other announcements today, Apple has revealed its plans for a new podcast subscription service. The name of it is—you guessed it—Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, and the company says it will be a 'global marketplace for listeners to discover premium subscriptions offered by their favorite creators.'

Kids programming coming to Apple Podcasts via Common Sense Media

The iPhone maker has teamed up with age-based content review service Common Sense Media to curate kids-focused narrative audio collections in the Apple Podcasts app.


Kid-approved content on Apple Podcasts. Collections are updated monthly. Currently a US-thing.

Listening to podcasts with kids

Unlike rival Spotify and Amazon which split out children-approved content into separate apps, these shows will appear on the Apple Podcasts platform and within the Apple Podcasts apps.

The Verge has more:

The initial four themes focus on narrative storytelling, shows that kids themselves recommend, mysteries and dramas, and Common Sense’s all-time picks. Programming comes from Tinkercast, American Public Media, WNYC Studios, Rebel Girls, and Nickelodeon, among others, and Common Sense will provide age group recommendations.

The collections will be highlighted on Apple's website at

Common Sense Media Picks: All-time favorites that families are sure to find entertaining and informative. One More!: Mysterious tales and action-packed dramas that kids of all ages won't want to stop listening to. Kids Know Best: Popular shows for kids, selected by kids themselves. Story Time: Story-driven shows that transport kids into a world of imagination.

Suggestions regarding those shows should start appearing today in the main carousel within the Apple Podcasts tab. They’ll also be available via the Browse tab indefinitely.

Apple and kids

Kid podcast creators have apparently experienced a boost in listeners at the start of the pandemic. For far too long, many parents have been using smartphone and tablet screens to entertain and occupy their children.

By contrast, listening to podcasts is more of a passive experience than interacting with apps or watching video. Most importantly, it doesn't mean exposing your kid to screens and the blue light which can disrupt their sleep and slow down cognitive development.

Apple also recently launched a new Apple for Kids section on its support website.