Apple Podcasts

Apple TV+ sci-fi series ‘Foundation’ is getting a companion podcast

Apple is still a leader when it comes to podcast distribution. And with podcast popularity still at an all-time high, the company wants to make sure it doesn't miss the bus altogether. As a result, companion podcasts meant to promote, and diver even deeper into, Apple Original films and TV shows are a thing. And now there's a new one to look forward to.

Apple is celebrating America’s national parks with special collections in Apple Maps, the App Store, and much more

As the United States National Park Service turns 105 years old, Apple has determined now is the right time to celebrate. The company today has announced a new initiative that will see many of its services promoting the national parks throughout the United States. And that includes the Apple Pay collaboration that we reported on earlier this week.

Apple’s efforts with paid podcast subscriptions doesn’t appear to be going very well

Marketing image showcasing Apple Podcasts Subscriptions Service with multiple channels shown on iPhone

It may feel like forever ago, but it was only in May of this year that Apple officially announced the new paid subscription option for Apple Podcasts. This gave creators the ability to earn money from listeners directly, rather than solely relying on advertisement revenue. It also meant Apple, one of the biggest companies out there when it comes to podcast hosting, was taking subscriptions for the content very seriously.

Apple delays Podcast subscriptions until June

Along with the launch of iOS 14.6 earlier this month, Apple was supposed to welcome subscriptions for podcasts.

But, it turns out there will be a bit of a delay before the feature actually goes live. As reported today by MacRumors, Apple has notified content creators that it is delaying the podcast subscription feature until sometime in June. The reason? Apple wants a good experience for everyone involved.