How to use your iPhone shopping and to-do lists with Alexa

Alexa Shopping List AnyList iPhone

You can do some really cool stuff with your iPhone and the Alexa app for your Amazon smart speaker. You can use Alexa to find your phone, listen to Apple Music, manage your iCloud Calender, and more. So, why not use this combination of devices to keep up with your lists?

Depending on which iPhone shopping or task list app you use, you might be able to take advantage of it with Alexa. Here’s how to use your iPhone lists with Alexa and your Amazon speaker.

Which list apps can you use?

Alexa works with several popular shopping and task lists managers, with more being added all the time. Here’s a list of just some of the official apps you can currently use with Alexa and iPhone.

There are also a few third-party apps on Alexa for Wunderlist users like Wunder Link, Wunder Lex, and Wunder Shopping. And for Microsoft To-Do, you have Wonder Do It and Tasks In The Hand.

If you don’t see your list app here, do a search on Alexa and you may find it or a third-party equivalent.

Open Alexa on your iPhone and go to Menu > Skills & Games and tap the search icon at the top.

Search Skill Alexa iPhone

Enable and use the Skill in Alexa

Find the app (Skill) in Alexa using the search steps above and then enable the Skill so that you can begin using it.

1) Tap Enable to Use.

2) Allow access by tapping Save Permissions.

3) Follow the prompts to log in and link your account.

4) Tap Done when you see the confirmation that your account was successfully linked.

Enable AnyList Skill Alexa iPhone

You’ll land back on the Skill screen and can review suggested commands for Alexa and that particular app. Commands and options vary depending on the app that you link to Alexa, but some general commands include:

“Alexa, add a new shopping list.” (24me)

“Alexa, add do laundry to my to-do list.” (

“Alexa, add milk to my shopping list.” (AnyList)

“Alexa, ask Remember The Milk what’s due today.” (RTM)

“Alexa, what’s on my to-do list.” (Todoist)

Give Alexa a command like one of these and then when you open the list app on your iPhone, you should see that your request has been carried out.

Wrapping it up

Adding items to your shopping or to-do lists is easy with Alexa. And you’ll have those items close at hand, right on your iPhone.

Are you going to connect one of your shopping or task lists with Alexa? Let us know which one you use and how well it works out for you.