1Password for Mac gains 2-factor code generation

After releasing a massive update to its freemium iPhone and iPad password-keeping application back in January, developer AgileBits on Tuesday posted a matching update on the Mac App Store, bringing support for two-factor authentication codes and a bunch of other improvements to its 1Password for Mac utility.

In addition to two-step verification, the app has gained the ability to email and start a FaceTime Audio or Skype call by clicking numbers in the Identities section and given some existing features “a big power-up.”

1Password gains Login Creator, one-time Password tool with 2-step verification support and more

1Password, the popular password-manager application for iOS and OS X, has just received a nice refresh in the App Store and Mac App Store, respectively.

Available as a freemium download, 1Password 5.2 brings out a new Login Creator feature available to all users, a one-time Password tool for Pro users, a bunch of syncing improvements and several other enhancements that improve your experience.

1Password updated with iPhone 6 support, Touch ID timeout improvements and more

Developer AgileBits on Monday issued 1Password 5.1 adding native display support for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and fixing a number of issues and oversights related to the Touch ID and PIN Code features.

This release also introduces some new capability such as the ability to add brand new tags to your items, enable or disable third-party custom keyboards within the Advanced Settings and more, while fixing “the most popular issues and crashes”.

1Password has recently gone the freemium route and now offers basic features free of charge, with advanced features available through Apple's In-App Purchases mechanism.

1Password 5 launches with Touch ID support, App Extensions, goes freemium

AgileBits, the maker of the popular password-keeping utility, 1Password, has issued a major new version of the app following Apple's release of the iOS 8 software update earlier this morning.

1Password 5 for iOS 8 now takes full advantage of Touch ID fingerprint scanning to unlock your vault and comes with a brand new iOS 8 App Extension in Safari and other apps that also uses Touch ID.

The Safari extension is available right in the Share sheet and permits you to fill Logins directly into web pages. Taking advantage of AgileBits' own proprietary extensions for integrating third-party apps with 1Password, supported apps can now log you in with just a tap. And as you update passwords in these apps, 1Password updates the corresponding item in its database.

As for the price, the new 1Password 5 is a free update to existing users and a freemium download for everyone else, with a one-time In-App Purchase to unlock features like folders, tags, custom fields, Multiple Vaults, as well as the full range of items including Bank Accounts, Email Accounts, Memberships, Passports, Reward Programs, Wireless Routers, Software Licenses and many more.

1Password news: iOS and Mac apps discounted, free iOS 8 update

If you're an avid user of 1Password, an excellent password-management application for the iPhone, iPad and Mac, a forthcoming iOS 8 edition will be supplied to you free of charge, developer AgileBits has confirmed.

And those who've been sitting on the sidelines waiting for a not-to-be-missed opportunity to get in on the action, now's the time to get a move on as AgileBits has 1Password for Mac on sale for 30 percent off.

As a bonus, the iPhone and iPad edition down by a cool 40 percent! So there you have it: now you can download the app in the Mac App Store for just $34.99 (regularly $49.99) and get 1Password for the iPhone and iPad for $9.99 (regularly $17.99)...

Fantastical 2 for iPad gains Dolphin browser integration, list/reminder improvements and more

Flexibits has issued an update to its Fantastical for iPad today, bringing our a few new useful features and enhancements.

In addition to half a dozen bug fixes and various other fixes and improvements, Fantastical 2.1.1 includes support for Dolphin Browser [free download] and comes with improvements to the app's handling of lists and reminders.

Specifically, your list will finally show reminders that have an alert time but not a due date.

And if you use iOS automation via URL schemes, you can tell other apps to open reminders directly in Fantastical by taking advantage of a new URL handler 'fantastical2://show?view=reminders'...

1Password with Touch ID authentication and Safari Share sheet support shown off

A big part of what makes iOS 8 so great is how Apple is finally opening up its mobile operating system to developers, more than ever before.

Take Touch ID, for example. With a little help from the iOS 8 SDK and the new Local Authentication Framework, third-party apps can tap Touch ID to authenticate a user in a safe manner as fingerprint data is protected and never accessed by iOS or apps.

Brands such as PayPal have pledged to update their apps with Touch ID authentication when iOS 8 gets released for public consumption this Fall and now a beta tester has posted screenshots and a short video of Touch ID integration in 1Password for iOS, the popular password management program by AgileBits...

1Password for Mac gains WhiteHat Aviator browser support, tons of fixes

AgileBits has updated 1Password for Mac with support for the WhiteHat Aviator browser, adding several minor improvements as well. The new 1Password for Mac version 4.4.1 is now live in the App Store and you should update your copy now because the new version comes with a ton of bug fixes, too.

Additionally, AgileBits has reflected on Apple's technological announcements announced during the WWDC keynote.

Developers have touched on such hot topics as Apple opening up the Touch ID fingerprint scanner to third-party developers and allowing apps to install system-wide extensions, explaining what it all could mean for 1Password...

Item printing resurrected in 1Password for iOS, iTunes backups added

1Password by AgileBits, one of the finest password management utilities on iOS and OS X, has received an update in the App Store today.

For starters, the new version 4.5.2 brings back the item printing feature after previously being removed. Next, this edition of 1Password adds another syncing option, in addition to Dropbox and iCloud: iTunes.

This allows you to store backups of your passwords, notes, credit cards and other private information as local files that can be accessed and copied to your computer using the iTunes File Sharing feature. You should also experience faster syncing and more reliable performance overall.

1Password for the iPhone and iPad is $17.99 in the App Store...

1Password for Mac updated with Watchtower support

Following the update to the iOS app this week, AgileBits has posted a new version of 1Password for Mac, bringing the password manager to version 4.4. The update includes just a handful of improvements, but is notable because it adds Watchtower integration.

For those unfamiliar with it, 1Password Watchtower is a service that identifies websites that are vulnerable to known security risks, and suggest that you change your passwords. It's fairly new, emerging after last-month's 'Heartbleed' bug infected several websites...

1Password for iOS updated with background Dropbox syncing and more

1Password users will be happy to hear that AgileBits posted a new version of the iOS app this week, bringing the popular password manager to version 4.5.1. The update includes several enhancements, including background Dropbox syncing and more.

In fact, much of the update revolves around data syncing. In addition to the Dropbox fix, the app now uses the network activity indicator to show when sync is occurring, and conflict resolution during syncing has been improved. Full change log below...

1Password for Mac updated with better search, full screen mode, 1Password mini editing and more

To go along with a major 1Password 4.5 update that has brought a brand new iOS 7-friendly look and feel plus a bunch of new features to the popular password-management app for the iPhone and iPad, developer AgileBits this morning unleashed an improved version of 1Password unto the Mac App Store.

Now available half price through Friday (and free to existing users), the new 1Password 4.3 for Mac includes support for the native full screen mode on OS X 10.8.4 or later, contains various search improvements, sports better URL matching, lets you edit items right in 1Password mini and more.

I've included detailed description, screenshots of the new interface and the official list of changes right after the break...