1Password for Mac gains WhiteHat Aviator browser support, tons of fixes

1password for mac

AgileBits has updated 1Password for Mac with support for the WhiteHat Aviator browser, adding several minor improvements as well. The new 1Password for Mac version 4.4.1 is now live in the App Store and you should update your copy now because the new version comes with a ton of bug fixes, too.

Additionally, AgileBits has reflected on Apple’s technological announcements announced during the WWDC keynote.

Developers have touched on such hot topics as Apple opening up the Touch ID fingerprint scanner to third-party developers and allowing apps to install system-wide extensions, explaining what it all could mean for 1Password…

WhiteHat Aviator is a web browser designed for security and privacy.

Created by the WhiteHat Security team, it’s designed from the ground up for the types of people who really value their online security and privacy. It’s always in private mode, removes ads and tracking, sandboxes each tab, strips out referring URLs across domains and offers other features that appeal to privacy freaks.

As for the new iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite technologies – app extensions and Touch ID APIs in particular – AgileBits explained in a blog post three days ago that they’re investigating how these new features could help advance 1Password.

“Right now, we have nothing to announce since we learned of all this awesomeness at the same time as you,” explains AgileBits’ David Chartier. “We still need to explore the actual capabilities of these features and whether we can even use them.

Here’s the full 1Password 4.4.1 changelog

New features:
• Added support for the WhiteHat Aviator web browser.

•1Password will now keep monthly backups for the last two years.
• The Password Generator in 1Password mini can now generate passwords up to 50 characters long.
• Added Watchtower vulnerability status column in the Top View.
• The Watchtower database last updated date is now visible in Preferences > Watchtower.
• Improved the performance of code signature verification when web browsers connect to 1Password mini.
• The details view Generate Password button is now accessible in Edit Mode.
• Improved conflict resolution for Login items.
• Shortened the delays for showing the mini details view popover.
• The detached mini’s details view no longer steals focus from another foreground app.
• Go-and-Fill will try to open the home page instead of registration or checkout URLs.
• Logins without passwords are no longer shown in the Watchtower vulnerability list.
• Updated translations.

Bug fixes
• Fixed problem in syncing which was causing 1Password mini to use a lot of CPU.
• Fixed problem in syncing which was causing some items to reappear in the Trash. These items couldn’t be removed from the Trash while iCloud or Dropbox sync was enabled.
• Fixed problem introduced in version 4.4 where the log files had a very large size. Log file size has been considerably reduced.
• Fixed problem where iCloud sync could never be enabled if the local data didn’t match the iCloud data.
• Fixed problem when 1Password was using a considerable amount CPU when locked.
• Fixed problem where the integration with 3rd party apps couldn’t re-enabled if previously disabled.
• Favourite items are sorted first when searching in 1Password mini.
• Fixed problem when renaming tags in the sidebar created duplicated tags in the sidebar.
• Fixed problem where the item’s modified date was not being updated after being dragged into a sidebar tag.
• Fixed problem where 1Password didn’t properly open and fill URLs which contained the word “credit”.
• Fixed problem where the address cell was not visible in Edit Mode in OS X Mountain Lion.
• Fixed Autolayout issues in Preferences for some translations.
• Fixed problem where local vaults created from an agilekeychain would have a password hint of “NULL”.
• Fixed problem where long password hints were truncated in the popover.
• Fixed localization of “Expand Search to All Fields” button.
• The “About 1Password” window is now localized.
• Fixed French localization of the ‘View’ menu in the main menu.
• Fixed Problem where Gibraltar could not be found in the Identity’s country list.
• Fixed crash in 1Password mini’s details view after locking and unlocking 1Password.
• Fixed potential crash when changing the change sort order in the Top list view.
• Fixed rare problem where 1Password does not connect to 1Password mini after update and a fresh download was required.
• Fixed rare crash when displaying the details view.
• Fixed crash in 1Password mini’s details view after locking and unlocking 1Password.
• Fixed crash when creating a new vault from a keychain which was dragged into the item list.

The update is free for folks who’ve previously purchased the app.

1Password is a $49.99 value in the Mac App Store.

I’m as much price-sensitive as the next guy.

That being said, about a year ago I finally decided to take the plunge. As a convert, I can now say that I’ve never regretted dropping this kind of money on a password-management app and have always considered it a $50 well spent.