Item printing resurrected in 1Password for iOS, iTunes backups added

1Password 4.5 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

1Password by AgileBits, one of the finest password management utilities on iOS and OS X, has received an update in the App Store today.

For starters, the new version 4.5.2 brings back the item printing feature after previously being removed. Next, this edition of 1Password adds another syncing option, in addition to Dropbox and iCloud: iTunes.

This allows you to store backups of your passwords, notes, credit cards and other private information as local files that can be accessed and copied to your computer using the iTunes File Sharing feature. You should also experience faster syncing and more reliable performance overall.

1Password for the iPhone and iPad is $17.99 in the App Store

Here’s the full version 4.5.2 changelog:

• 1Password now keeps automatic backups of your data that are accessible via iTunes
• Item printing is back, baby!
• Sync is now much sync-ier
• That pesky flickering while viewing an item’s details is no more
• The report of bug deaths is *not* an exaggeration

AgileBits in mid-April gave 1Password a substantial visual makeover to make the iPhone and iPad application a first class citizen on iOS 7. Since then, the revamped software has picked up several new features, including Dropbox syncing in the background.

And in response to the ever-increasing phishing scams and the Heartbleed bug plaguing millions of websites, 1Password for Mac has added integration with the Watchtower service which identifies websites that are vulnerable to known security risks, and suggest that you change your passwords.

1Password is $17.99 for the universal iPhone and iPad edition and $49.99 for the Mac.