1Password for iOS updated with background Dropbox syncing and more

1Password 4.5 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

1Password users will be happy to hear that AgileBits posted a new version of the iOS app this week, bringing the popular password manager to version 4.5.1. The update includes several enhancements, including background Dropbox syncing and more.

In fact, much of the update revolves around data syncing. In addition to the Dropbox fix, the app now uses the network activity indicator to show when sync is occurring, and conflict resolution during syncing has been improved. Full change log below…

Here is your full change log for version 4.5.1:

What’s New in 4.5.1

◆ 1Password can now sync Dropbox data in the background
◆ Now using the network activity indicator to show when sync is occurring
◆ Improved conflict resolution during syncing
◆ Updated translations
◆ Other bug fixes and improvements

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Today’s update comes just a week after 1Password’s big 4.5 release, which brought about a number of changes. Both iPhone and iPad clients received an iOS 7-flavored makeover, and support for tagging and multiple Dropbox account syncing were added.

It’s also worth noting that, at the time of this writing, AgileBits is still running its 50% off sale on 1Password for iOS. So instead of paying $17.99, it’s just $8.99. We’re not sure how much longer that’ll last, but you can find 1Password in the App Store.