1Password revamped for iOS 7: multiple vaults and Dropbox accounts, AirDrop sharing and more

1Password 4.5 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Developer AgileBits today pushed a long expected update to its password-management app for iOS, 1Password. The new 1Password version 4.5 includes an all-new clean design on the iPhone and iPad created with iOS 7 in mind and a couple new features.

Billed as “our biggest free update for iOS ever”, the new 1Password includes support for multiple vaults, lets you share items securely using the iOS AirDrop feature, sync vaults via multiple Dropbox accounts and more.

Moreover, you’ll enjoy a new unified AutoFill tool found in the in-app browser, a streamlined search field that’s always where you need it and other new features, refinements and under-the-hood changes. Existing users can pick up this update free

This is the new app icon.

1Password 4.5 for iOS (app icon, small)

Search in 1Password is now always accessible at the top of the Categories tab and each main category, like Logins, Secure Notes and so forth.

You can now create multiple vaults with 1Password 4 for Mac or Windows and switch between them in Settings, which developers say is “great for securely sharing items with team members or family, or simply for your own organization.”

You can also sync vaults that are shared from different Dropbox accounts.

Folks new to the app used to start with a Demo Mode to check out all the features using a sample database. Now known as Demo Vault, it’s found in Settings > Vaults.

Similar to the old mode, Demo Vault adds demo information as a secondary vault to demonstrate 1Password without revealing all your personal information.


1Password 4.5 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

The revamped app supports custom item images added via 1Password 4 for Mac and introduces support for tags. “Any tags you add to items in 1Password for Mac and Windows now appear next to your folders on iOS,” notes AgileBits.

For the sake of clarity, the Folders tab on iPhone is now called Organize. And similar to 1Password mini on the Mac, your AutoFill Logins, Identities and Credit Cards are now all under the same button in 1Browser.

Privacy-minded users will be delighted to know that 1Password now lets you use your PIN code across launches of the app. And, 1Browser now asks you to permit it to open non-http and non-https URLs, such as FaceTime call prompts.

The official changelog lists key highlights:

Awesome Little Circular Progress Indicator in 1Browser – For your page loading pleasure.

Tags join the party – Any tags you add to items in 1Password for Mac and Windows now appear next to your folders on iOS! Tag on.

Speaking of languages, you can now change 1Password’s language settings in-app.
New user setup process is new – We made it even easier and clearer to get started with 1Password.

For those upgrading from 1Password 3 for iOS, the import process is much improved.
1Password is now 34% smaller – if you’ve been short 8.6MB of space on your device, we got you covered!

If you create multiple vaults with 1Password 4 for Mac (Windows coming soon!), you can now add them to 1Password for iOS and switch between them in Settings. Great for securely sharing items with coworkers or family, or simply for your own organization!

Multiple Dropbox accounts – Have more than one Dropbox account? Great! You can now sync vaults shared via different Dropbox accounts.

This is what the new UI looks on an iPad.

1Password 4.5 for iOS (iPad screenshot 001)

“The list of apps that support 1Password now include everything from newsreaders, to finance managers, and even a beer diary,” developers remark. Check out the AgileBits website for a handy list of supported apps.

Celebrating today’s update, AgileBits said that all versions of 1Password are now available half price through Friday.

If you were eyeing 1Password, now’s the time to pick it up in the App Store for just $8.99, a cool 50 percent discount on its regular asking price of $17.99.

The Mac edition has also been revamped and bumped up to version 4.3 today.

You can get 1Password 4.3 for Mac for $24.99 in the Mac App Store – again 50 percent off through Friday.

Screenshots top of post via AppleInsider.