1Password updated with iPhone 6 support, Touch ID timeout improvements and more

1Password 5.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Developer AgileBits on Monday issued 1Password 5.1 adding native display support for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and fixing a number of issues and oversights related to the Touch ID and PIN Code features.

This release also introduces some new capability such as the ability to add brand new tags to your items, enable or disable third-party custom keyboards within the Advanced Settings and more, while fixing “the most popular issues and crashes”.

1Password has recently gone the freemium route and now offers basic features free of charge, with advanced features available through Apple’s In-App Purchases mechanism.

Now available within the app’s settings (Settings > Security), the new Auto-Lock inactivity timeouts for both the Master Password and Touch ID fixes issues with seeing Master Password prompts far too often due to an issue in the code.

You can now specify a “Request Fingerprint After” timeout which sets how long 1Password is inactive before locking itself. There’s also a second timeout for the Master Password called ”Lock on Exit” that sets how long 1Password can be inactive before locking.

The new “Request Fingerprint After” and ”Lock on Exit” options replace the previous and somewhat confusing “Request After” and “Request Fingerprint After” settings.

“Starting in 1Password 5.1, there will be a single Auto-Lock timeout that works for both,” AgileBits underscored.

1Password 5.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Although 1Password stores your Master Password in the iOS Keychain when Touch ID is enabled, only 1Password is allowed to access the iOS Keychain item that contains your Master Password, and it’s never synced to other devices or backed up to iTunes or iCloud.

“It is also aggressively removed from the keychain whenever Touch ID authorization fails or if Touch ID or the device Passcode are disabled,” developers ensure.

As a result, you should never forget your Master Password due to Touch ID convenience as the app may still require it from time to time. “I’m tossing around the idea of requiring your Master Password once every 14 days or so,” developers said in a blog post.

1Password 5.1 changelog:

  • The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are out. Were you one of the lucky millions who got one already? 1Password 5.1 has been updated to give you a beautiful experience on these new devices with 3x images and improved rich icons.
  • Touch ID and the PIN Code have been significantly improved. The Auto-Lock timeout will now function across both the Master Password and Touch ID/PIN Code, removing the confusion the separate settings caused. The iOS Keychain will be used to store the Master Password when Touch ID/PIN Code is enabled, allowing Touch ID/PIN Code to be used reliably in the 1Password Extension. Configure what works best for you in Settings->Security.
  • Tag you’re it. You can now add brand new tags to your items.
  • Customer keyboard preference. Choose to enable or disable 3rd party custom keyboards within the Advanced Settings.
  • Many fixes for the most popular issues and crashes

1Password for the iPhone and iPad is free in the App Store. The Mac edition will set you back fifty bucks. The iOS version requires iOS 8.0 or later and the Mac edition requires a 64-bit Intel processor and OS X 10.8.4 or later.

The free iOS edition lets you create Logins, Identities, Credit Cards and Secure Notes, and use those items in Safari and other apps. It can also sync with 1Password for Mac, Windows and Android.

Advanced features locked behind various In-App Purchases include folders, tags, custom fields, Multiple Vaults, as well as the full range of items including Bank Accounts, Email Accounts, Memberships, Passports, Reward Programs, Wireless Routers, Software Licenses and many more.

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